Woman attacks 6-year-old stepdaughter with machete, renders girl’s limbs useless

Woman attacks 6-year-old stepdaughter with machete, renders girl’s limbs useless


The story may look like one of those scenes in the usual Nigerian home videos. But it is real!
A stepmother in Ikorodu, Lagos, who is simply identified as Iya Sunday, has attacked her six-year-old stepdaughter (names withheld) with a machete, inflicting several deep and life-threatening injuries on the little girl.
The little girl’s offence? An eye witness, who pleaded anonymity, said that her stepmother alleged that she had earlier injured her own daughter with a razor blade while the two of them were playing together.
The incident occurred at Ita Oluwo along Sagamu Road in Ikorodu Lagos.
According to the eyewitness, angered by the little girl’s alleged action against her own daughter, the stepmother took her inside her room, grabbed a machete with which she inflicted deep cuts on her two hands and her right leg.


Apparently not satisfied with her cruel treatment of the young girl, who was now bleeding profusely from the deep cuts on her two hands and leg, she drove her outside the house.
The young girl has lost her own mother while her father works outside Lagos, but puts her in the care of his wife, her stepmother, the eyewitness said.
She said, “My people, look at what this wicked stepmother did to her stepdaughter in my area at Ita Oluwo area, off Sagamu Road in Ikorodu, Lagos.
“The report we heard concerning this matter is that the step mother accused this young girl of using razor blade to injure her own daughter, but the truth is that the girl knew nothing about it at all.
“The girl’s two hands and one leg have been badly injured with a machete by her stepmother. The girl is a student in my school.”
The eyewitness added that when the stepmother realised the gravity of the offence she had committed, she immediately took to her heels to escape being arrested and prosecuted. The case has already been reported to the police in the area.
The young girl was taken to the hospital for immediate treatment by public-spirited people in the area. Some social workers have also intervened.
The police have given the assurance that they would investigate the matter, apprehend the fleeing stepmother and bring her to