Beauty queens are ambassadors of goodwill- Nwadike

Beauty queens are ambassadors of goodwill- Nwadike


Nigeria’s fast growing actress and former Miss Universe, Collett Nwadike, told The Point that rising to stardom is a gift from above.

She was the first black girl to be crowned Exquisite Face of the Universe, in a keenly contested competition at the 2015 edition of the Exquisite Face of the Universe pageant in Sao Tome. Ms Nwadike revealed that though she has other pet projects in the cooler, for now she would want to focus on the movie Industry.

She sad, “I have just finished some movie production, which I am very passionate about. The movie, A’frican Beauty, tells the story of the tussle in modern pageant competition and the repeated greed among top African politicians.

“With over 500 casts, including Jide Kosoko, Funky Mallam, Charles Granville, NDave David Njoku, with a host of reigning beauty queens across the African continent, the movie is surely a blockbuster.”

Giving a brief history about her reign as a beauty queen, she said success is not just about hard work; destiny also plays a vital role in one’s life. “I saw myself as a queen while growing up. When I was of age, I used to admire the likes of Bianca Ojukwu and Regina Askia.

Being a beauty queen requires a lot of discipline. But most people don’t see it this way

I saw how beautiful and glamorous they looked on television. I used to say that I wanted to be like them some day. It is a dream I had a long time ago. It is like I am living my dream now,” she told The Point.

She added, “I know that being a beauty queen requires a lot of discipline. People don’t get it from outside. To succeed in the pageant industry, you must be very, very disciplined. “A beauty queen is an ambassador of beauty and goodwill. Not just the beauty on the outside, but also on the inside. She is supposed to be a role model.

Put all these in one, and then you’ll know how to package yourself into a person who qualifies to be a beauty queen.” The Anambra State-born model also emerged an adviser on tourism matters to the Anambra State governor, Governor Willie Obiano.