Clergy urges Christians to celebrate Easter reasonably

Clergy urges Christians to celebrate Easter reasonably


Most Superior Evangelist Joshua Akinsoyinu of the Celestial Church of Christ, Ogudu, Lagos, has charged Christians to be modest as they celebrate Easter.

“Good Friday is the day our Lord and Saviour died and resurrected; Jesus said he would die and on the third day, he would resurrect. When he died, it was painful to Christians but it was according to what he had said before, which he fulfilled.

That is why Christians are happy to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ because he died because of our sins,” he said. Akinsanya admonished Christians to be very careful while travelling from one state to the other during this period, warning that they should be moderate and observant of their environment.

According to him, the kidnappers behind recent abductions are impatient and want to be rich overnight. “If you will be rich you will and if not, you will not be rich. Most of the
kidnappers are not even rich despite the fact that they said unemployment and poverty
pushed them to the illicit job.

While we appeal to leaders to provide more employment opportunities, we also admonish Nigerians to be patient,” he added. The evangelist condemned what he said was happening in Kaduna State where preachers had to obtain licences before preaching.

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