Ebube on new flick: ‘Not Enough’ mirrors society and how it can...

Ebube on new flick: ‘Not Enough’ mirrors society and how it can be made better


Ebube Nwagbo’s second movie in three years, ‘Not Enough,’ will be premiered on November 13.
The beautiful actress, in an encounter with The Point, insisted that the new movie was targeted at correcting and revealing some unpleasant norms among the youth. According to her, youths want to experience and explore life, but along the line most of them do not get out of it.
She stated, “Most parents do not know what their kids do when they are not under their care. It is about second chances in life. But it is not everyone that has the luxury of getting a second chance. Some people mess up and get a second chance, while others get caught up in the web.”
Another area the movie gave full attention is the misconception of marriage and pregnancy. Nwagbo is of the opinion that young girls now believe getting pregnant for men will make them show love.
She noted, “When you see ‘Not Enough,’ you would agree that marriage is not something one needs to force and pregnancy will not make a man love you. I am not here to judge anyone, but I think the world needs to see the downside of this. I think youths of today need to set their priority right because our life today affects our tomorrow. A lot of people make mistakes, but they do not learn from them.”
The producer, who also plays a role in the movie, said she could not place a figure on the production, insisting that a lot went into it.
“Apart from money, we put in lots of hard work and sleepless nights. No amount of money can quantify what we have put into the making of the movie. We’ve been working on our post production and making sure it comes out well. Yes, the economy has been very bad, but it does not stop Nigerians from making things happen,” she said.
The movie, which was shot last year, also features the likes of Alex Ekubo, Oge Okoye, Nazo Ekezie and a host of others.