I can’t walk out of my marriage for any reason, says...

I can’t walk out of my marriage for any reason, says Sunny Neji


With songs like ‘Oruka,’ ‘Tolotolo,’ ‘Face Me’ and ‘Mr. Fantastik,’ which are still relatable till today, Sunny Neji effortlessly walked his way into the hearts of many Nigerians. In a recent encounter with The Point, he said staying married was a decision he had made many years ago.
He said, “For me, marriage is a decision; I know people say marriage is love. People stay in a relationship when they have decided that this is where they belong and they do everything to make it beautiful. Yes, they might have little disagreements over time, but it should not get to a point of walking out. I have never thought of leaving my marriage and I pray it never happens, because I love my wife and family very much. I believe it was not an accident that I met her, I believe it was ordained by God.”
According to him, everyone has someone that God has planned for him or her. He believes that once an individual finds such person, he or she should appreciate him or her and be thankful to God every day.
“I have been married for 15 years and we are blessed with three beautiful daughters. Even before I got married, I told God I wanted to have three children. If it is all boys or all girls or mixture, I did not really care. God has blessed me with three kids and I am very happy,” he added.
He admitted there had been times his wife confronted him over lack of attention for the family.
He, however, noted that, “It is a normal thing but you do not let it degenerate into problems. If you love your family and children, you must find time for them, no matter how busy you are. As much as you want to be creative and pursue your passion, you have a fundamental responsibility to your family. You cannot always ignore them, they cannot be placed second at all times.”
Responding to questions on his lack of fresh songs in recent times, the singer insisted that he did not see meanings in making songs that would not add value to people. He stated, “There is no point in releasing songs that are not making impact on peoples’ lives. You can do songs every day, if you choose to. But you could as well choose to say you want to do something that is very impactful.
“Some days ago, I walked into a big hotel in FESTAC in Lagos and there was a band playing there. Immediately I came in, they changed to ‘Oruka’ and later to ‘Face Me.’ If the songs had not been so impactful, I am sure they would not remember to play them. So, it is very important that you take your time to make impactful music.
“By the grace of God, ‘Oruka’ has become a wedding anthem. Some people still refer to me as ‘Mr. Fantastik.’ For an artiste, the beauty is to have many songs that people could relate with and I thank God I have that.”