Non-paymnet of players’ salaries, allowances: Remo Star boss wants clubs management...

Non-paymnet of players’ salaries, allowances: Remo Star boss wants clubs management sanctioned


The Chairman  of Remo Star Club, Kunle Soname, on Thursday, recommended punishment for any football club management in Nigeria found wanting  of not paying the salaries  and allowances of its players.
Soname  said that any  football  club  management in the country  found culpable of playing players they could not  afford  to pay for,  should  face the full wrath  of the soccer law.
He spoke at a Press Conference, organised  by Sport Writers Association  of Nigeria, Ogun State,  chapter  held at M. K. O Abiola  Stadium,  Abeokuta.
Soname who also own a football club in Portugal said that lack of paying players salaries and  allowances by football club management  is the ” only thing hampering the growth of democratic football in Nigeria “.
He described   as a “systematic cheating” the refusal  of some club management in Nigeria  not paying
their players salaries and allowances, saying that it was the highest level  of cheating.
According  to the chairman  the law that stipulates some measure  of sanction on any football club management  who refuses to pay its players salaries and allowances should  be implemented.
He said ” the provisions  are there that you should  not owe anybody more than three months whether players or suppliers or anybody,  appropriate  sanctions should be followed, but we have never  seen being sanctioned. The laws are there all we should  do is to implement the law”.
Soname hinted that  football club  managements in Nigeria would never witness any meaningful development  until they started catering for the welfare  of their players.
” Football club management will still be at infancy if they are not sanctioned for not paying their players their salaries and allowances ”  he stressed .
The chairman however vowed not to owe any players of his club ” i will never  owe any player and i will never  owe anybody any bonus. “