Probe Saraki, Ahmed’s administrations – Kwara PDP chieftain

Probe Saraki, Ahmed’s administrations – Kwara PDP chieftain


A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party in Kwara State, Col. Ademola Lawal (rtd), has called for the probe of the projects executed in the state from 2003 till date. Lawal made this demand in an exclusive interview with The Point, describing most of the capital projects executed by the administration of former governor Bukola Saraki and his successor, incumbent Governor Abdulfattah Ahmed as “dead weight.”

He added that such projects were usually the cash cow through which huge sums of money were siphoned. The retired military officerturned politician stressed that the probe must cover the governorship tenure of Saraki, who is the incumbent Senate President, who presided over the affairs of the state between 2003 and 2011, before handing over to his then Commissioner for Finance, Dr. Abdulfatah Ahmed. Lawal said, “Look at the various projects executed over the years, you can’t but be sorry for the state.

Look at the various projects executed over the years, you can’t but be sorry for the state

Even the so called infrastructural developments, when you look at the viability and cost, you beg i n to ask questions. “Ilorin Cargo terminal is dead weight. It hasn’t added anything to Kwara and Kwarans.

The same thing goes for Metropolitan Square. That is another white elephant that hasn’t yielded commensurate benefits. These are nothing but waste of scarce resources. Look at the opportunity cost of these projects and you will know they have only succeeded in wasting money on projects that aren’t beneficial to the ordinary man.

How can you draw up a scale of preference and tell me Cargo Terminal, Aviation College, Metropolitan Square will come tops. “Kwara has a state capital without good road networks, no domestic water, educational standards are falling, health statistics are embarrassing, infant mortality rate is abysmally high, unemployment is at its peak and we went ahead to build these so called infrastructure. Saraki embarked on several white elephant projects, doing a simple cost and benefit analysis and opportunity cost, what has the state gained?

The PDP chieftain insisted that Saraki and his successor have issues to clear with the people of the state regarding their stewardship so far. “Saraki definitely has a lot of questions to answer. The same thing goes for the vocational centre built by Ahmed. It is a good idea, but I’m tempted to ask at what cost? It is way too expensive, the opportunity cost is very bad. How many schools do we have in Kwara? What is the state of their infrastructure?” he asked.