Seven nursing mothers, babies escape death as flood takes over maternity facility...

Seven nursing mothers, babies escape death as flood takes over maternity facility in Ogun


There was pandemonium at the Maternity Ward of the Chrisdt Apostolic Church Hospital, Isale Ake in Abeokuta South Local Government Area of Ogun State, when seven nursing mothers and their babies narrowly escaped death, following the sudden flooding of the facility during a heavy downpour.
It was gathered that the flood, which resulted from Monday’s heavy downpour caught the patients at the hospital unaware.
The patients were reportedly sleeping on their hospital beds when they suddenly realized that the ward had become flooded and had to scamper out of the facility with their babies.
The Matron of the Maternity Home, Mrs Abigael Asiwaju, however, said that the nursing mothers and their babies were immediately taken out of the hospital.
Asiwaju, who described the incident as life threatening , noted that the cause of the flood was connected with the ongoing road construction at Isale Ake, where the drainages had been blocked.
”We were inside the ward as the rain was falling outside, but to our dismay, before we knew it, there was flood surge, and in a twinkle of an eye, it took over the ward as well as the labour room. There was confusion and we had to hurriedly evacuate mothers and their babies, as the situation was becoming life threatening.
”This has not happened in the last 20 years I have been working in this maternity home. I want tell you that the cause is the uncompleted government road, which has no channelisation. The flood has to force its way into the church premises as well as the ward and our labour room,” she said.
She said that the flood also destroyed medical equipment in the hospital, as the entire maternity home had been evacuated.
Meanwhile, the flood which ravaged the hospital also destroyed the musical instruments of the church and pulled down its fence in the process.
When The Point visited the scene, the church building was still submerged by the flood as the leadership of the church were busy trying to find a solution to the problem caused by the flood.
The Secretary of the church, Abiodun Sogbade, lamented the church’s loss to the flood.
”The flood forced its way into the church premises because there is no channelisation on the uncompleted road, as you can see. The flood pulled down the church and ravage the entire church, sacking worshippers on ground. We can’t quantify level of destruction for now. Our giant generator was not spared”, he said.