Why I replaced Alaafin of Oyo’s son with unknown singer – Shina...

Why I replaced Alaafin of Oyo’s son with unknown singer – Shina Peller


King of nightlife and son of the late famous magician, Prof. Abiola Peller, Shina, has admitted that he could not ignore the amazing potentials of his new signee, Ayomide Oluwasegun Odebunmi aka Airboy.
After Alaafin of Oyo’s son, Tillaman, left Aquila Records, an unknown 19-yearold has been brought in as replacement. In a chat with The Point, Peller said Airboy had been under his tutorship for about eight months and he was confident of his ability.
“Whenever I listen to his songs in the studio, I tell him what to do and what he must improve on. Regardless of his potentials, he wants to learn more. We had his proper unveiling and listening party last week for his debut single, ‘Ayepo.’ The video, which was shot by Sesan, is also ready.
“I am so confident of him because of the amount of songs he has put together within a short time. It took me a lot of time and stress to settle for single because of the options available. I feel he knows what he is doing for him to give me such varieties at the very beginning,” he stated.
He, however, maintained that there was no disagreement between himself and Tillaman, adding that the decision to discontinue his contract was purely based on business reasons.
“He has a relationship with me as a brother and as an artiste on my label. We started with three artistes – Baseone, Que Peller and Tillaman – two years ago. We dropped one and we are back with three. Tillaman’s contract got expired and I decided to bring somebody else in.”
Peller confessed that things were tough when they started the label business two years ago.
“I think we are getting things right now. I put many things into consideration before I sign an artiste. I have always said to myself that I would not sign an artiste if I do not have a clear sense of direction.”
But, he insisted that Aquila Records had achieved a lot within two years. According to him, all his artistes have been dropping singles and videos non-stop.
“The artistes are now getting shows, and very soon, they will start getting endorsements as well. These are new acts; we started from zero. But I believe that if they could get to where they are today they would be better tomorrow.”