10 profitable transportation business ideas to consider


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Transportation business is very profitable if you start with effective business plan. There are lots of opportunities in this sector but one need to understand the current demand based on their geographical location.

Transportation also covers important aspects such as ambulance, medical emergency, outstation and shifting.

Moreover, the traffic problems in several big cities have also laid the path for public and private transport to occupy the roads. Therefore, lot of people depend heavily on transportation.

In lieu of the above fact, transport industry has seen a sudden boom in the market. We are witnessing the rise in cabs on the road. It has turned out to be a profitable business and lots of people are seeing it as a profitable startup idea.

There is no doubt that one will need some basic investment and skill to start a business in this field, but undoubtedly the returns are huge.

Let us discuss some of the basic transport business ideas which you can start immediately in market.

Different profit making transport business ideas are as follows:–
1. App Based Taxi Service like Uber
Mobile apps based taxi service such as Uber are on the rise in small towns as well. It is a convenient mode of transportation and preferred by most of the people.
You can start by just becoming an Uber-drive in partner. All you need is to get your car number registered in the regional office and submit some basic documents. That’s it and you are all set to start your own business. It depends on you as to how many car numbers are registered which can run on the road.
Just keep in mind that you need a good driver with good driving skills to get you a good return.

2. Car Shuttle Service
Car shuttle service mostly refers to point to point pick up or drop to a particular location. This facility is mostly availed by the company employees.
Employers book cabs for their employees through a third party agency. You can get into a contract with one or more such companies and earn a healthy profit. These days’ different cabs are being introduced for women who work in the night shifts. The charges are usually high for the pick-up/drop thus giving you a substantial profit.

3. Outstation Car Rentals
There are so many agencies that are running this business currently. You can also set up your own agency. Usually outstation car rentals take people on a trip. It could be for few days, weeks or even months. The charges are usually high along with driver charges.
Frequent trips on a regular basis can give you very good returns. You can start your own business however initial investments may be high. It has one core mantra, try to own different types of car as people mostly prefer comfortable cars for outstation travel.

4. Courier Service
With the rise in online shopping, companies like Amazon and Flipkart require frequent courier services in short time. This lays the platform to have a transportation business. The pricing is fair and there will be transport on a daily basis. Therefore, both work and money are the heart of this business.

5. Truck Transportation Service
Truck transportation services are really important as they carry heavy goods across the state. It is indeed a risky business but the profit is high and regularly transport of goods can take place.
There are few things to concentrate in this business such as a valid license, good driver and interstate transportation valid documents etc. The investment is certainly high but the returns are equally good.

6. Passenger Bus Service
People travel to and fro between cities and states and bus services are very important for them. Therefore, passenger bus service can be a good option for a business.
Although the initial investment is heavy, however bank loans are available for the same. It requires a skilled driver and the profit margin is really high. Remember that the vehicle should be registered at the RTO office.

7. Medical Emergency Transportation
We all know the ambulance cost these days and keeping the fact in mind, medical emergency transportation can be a good business option.
Initial investment is high but a suitable tie up with the hospitals can generate huge profits. Also, it is important the ambulance is equipped with the basic medical facilities for a patient.

8. Packers and Movers Business
This business has gained a very significant momentum in the recent years. Packaging of household or company goods and transferring from one place to another is worth taking the risk in business.
Just ensure that the products are not damaged during the transfer and the delivery time should be fast. Also, try to find a place in the good books of the customers and your clients will increase day by day.

9. Bicycle Rental Services
A bicycle rental service is another good option to start a business. The initial investment is less and maintenance is also very low.
These days almost all the major cities have bicycle rental services and fitness freaks go gaga over it. You can rent it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and get handsome revenue from it.

10. Livestock Transportation Business
Livestock transportation normally includes the transfer of cattle and chicken. They are mostly transferred from one city to another. This also requires minimal investment but profits are high. You need to have a strong tie up with the suppliers to maximize your profits.

Source @ makeinbusiness.com