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25 freelance jobs to do from home

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If you’re looking for a flexible schedule in which you can make your own hours, work from home, and, yes, sometimes even work in your pajamas, then a freelance job might be for you. A lot of work can be done remotely these days, so your dreams of working from your couch can come true.
Below are 26 freelance jobs you can do from the comfort of your own home:

Creative Jobs
1. Blogger
Some bloggers make an income blogging for themselves. They find brand sponsors and advertisers or make their name as an influence and are invited to speak and attend events. Other bloggers might write for companies who may be paid by the hour or per post.

2. Copywriter
Another writing job that can be done from home is copywriting. In this role, you create text for advertisements or any promotional material a business may ask of you. It might include creating content for a website, writing descriptions for an online shopping site, or creating captions for their social media posts.

3. Social Media Manager
As a social media manager, you will be responsible for managing all social media channels of a business, gaining followers, getting the message and voice of the company across, and interacting with social media users in a customer-service-type role.

4. Graphic Designer
Businesses have a lot of design needs and don’t always have someone in-house to create the content. If you have a design background and want to work on charts, web pages, printed materials and more, you can create these in your home office.
You should have a professional and/or academic background with graphic design and experience using design software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

5. Logo Design
Startups and clients that don’t have a designer in-house are often looking for a logo designer. Sites like Fiverr and 99 Designs are great places to find initial clients.

6. Copy Editor
If you’re a grammar lover who always ends up finding typos, copy editing could be a great gig for you. You’ll proofread and edit text for websites, books, curriculum, magazines, and any other written work that is published.

7. Voiceover Acting
Have you ever wondered about those voices in movie trailers? Those are done by voice actors. Voices are needed for commercials, television, movies, and even video games.

8. Naming and Branding Consultant
Companies often need assistance with naming and developing a brand around their new products. If you have a creative mind and you have a way with words, this could be a great freelance job for you.

9. Photographer
If you have an at-home studio, you can shoot portraits from there. Alternatively, provide editing and retouching and work from home. If you’re looking for something more casual and have a large portfolio, you can sell your photos on websites like Society 6.

10. Illustrators
Create images for projects like books, magazines, cards, advertisements, posters, murals, and web graphics. Illustration is less technical than graphic design and often allows the user to work on fun projects, like children’s books.

Administrative or Technical Jobs
11. Administrative Support/Assistant
The popularity of remote assistants is increasing. You may be a personal assistant for a single person. You will do tasks such as data entry, calendar management, replying to emails, creating or paying invoices, or taking phone calls. You could also be providing administrative assistance to a company and helping on a larger scale.

12. Translator
If you speak multiple languages, your skills are in demand as a translator. You may translate articles, instructions, books, curriculum, movie scripts, legal documents, and more.

13. Transcriber
Transcribers listen to something said aloud and write it down into a document. This might be a speech, a webinar, a video conference, or anything else that doesn’t yet exist in written form. This kind of work requires careful listening and is usually paid hourly.

14. App Developer
If you have the skills to create mobile apps, you can do it from home. Ideally, you’ll have clients from previous experience, but sites like Upwork and People Per Hour have listed opportunities.

15. Data Entry
This job isn’t creative or glamorous, but if you’re patient and can type quickly, then you’ll find data entry pretty straightforward. You’ll be given information to transfer into a document per the client’s wishes. This is a great way to get some experience for other jobs that require administrative work.

16. Programmer
You can write computer software and code from anywhere as long as you have a computer and the Internet, so why not do it from home? The increase in tech companies means there is a lot of work available, and small business and individuals are always looking to create their own websites. There’s no shortage of work for experienced programmers.

17. Lawyer
If you have a legal background, there is a large market for legal services on freelance sites. Clients are seeking contract review, legal research and writing, IP and trademark guidance, patent information, and more. A great place to look for work is with startups who need some legal advice to get started.

18. Customer Service
Provide a positive experience for customers through email, phone calls, or chat support. This role is a little less flexible than some others as it’s likely that you’ll have to be at your computer or phone at a specified time, but least you’ll still get to it from your kitchen table or couch!

19. User Experience Designer
If you have a UX background, help clients create better, more accessible, and more useful and useable products. Before looking for work, make sure your portfolio and resume are up-to-date, as user experience jobs can be competitive.

Fitness Jobs
20. Personal Trainer
There are various opportunities for fitness jobs at your local gym and community center, but you can also offer your services as a trainer from your own home. If you have a home gym or ample workout space, you can help clients gain strength and reach their health goals without leaving home.

21. Yoga Instructor
Go teach at a studio? “Namaste” at home. If you have a yoga room or studio space at home, host classes. If not, you can record lessons and release them online.

22. Nutrition Consultant
If you are passionate about helping others eat well, become a nutrition consultant. You will have to have some education and experience before starting.
You’ll get to work one-on-one with clients and quite literally help them change their lives through weight loss, disease treatment, or disease prevention through the food they eat. You can hold sessions on the phone or through video chat.

23. Wellness Coach
As a wellness coach, you’ll assist clients in practicing healthier habits depending on their needs — like developing a nutrition or exercise plan, for instance. Like nutrition consultants, many wellness coaches use the phone or Skype to interact with their clients, so you don’t have to have an office. You can meet with clients one-on-one or host group sessions.

Education Jobs
24. Tutor
If you’re a whiz at math or didn’t find the SAT painful, you should look into working as a tutor. You can help students master their skills via video chat. You’ll be able to find clients in a variety of locations instead of solely in your neighborhood. Advertise your skills on your own or use existing companies like Preply to start out.

25. ESL Tutor
Are you a native English speaker? Many people around the world want to learn English! Sites like English Tutor Live connect tutors with learners on Skype from all around the world!

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