6-yr-old girl mysteriously survives gun shot in the head

Uba Group

The parents of a six-year-old
girl (names withheld) have
not been able to hide their
joy since their little daughter
miraculously survived a gunshot
on her head.
The girl had been mistakenly shot
by two brothers, who were fighting, in
lyeosa Street, Uruto Quarters, Ozoro,
Delta State, between the hours of 3
and 4pm.
Some residents who spoke with
this Eyewitness in Warri, said that the
boys, who were from a popular family
in Ozoro, mistakenly shot the little
girl on the head when the trigger of the
gun that one of them brought out to kill
the other brother, suddenly went off,
releasing hot lead on the head of the
little girl who was coming from school.
The little girl was hit on the head
by the bullet from the gun while they
were both dragging the gun.
While speaking with this Eyewitness,
the mother of the little girl said
that she was surprised when someone
called her that afternoon and told her
that her daughter was shot and had
been rushed to the hospital.
“I was so confused because I didn’t
know how it happened, not until l arrived
at the hospital, where the doctor
said that there was no bullet inside
the wound. Not being convinced with
the doctor’s statement, we later had to
try another doctor, who gave her some
treatment before two bullets were removed
from her forehead,” the happy
mother said.
The mother of the little girl, who
is heavily pregnant, thanked God
amidst tears of joy for her daughter’s
life that was saved, adding that what
God did for her and the family was
still a mystery, “for a little girl of her
age to have survived gunshot attacks in such a

delicate part of the body like the forehead.”
The girl’s father who was also contacted,
said, “I was working when my
wife called me that my little daughter
was mistakenly shot. I quickly
stopped what l was doing out of
shock and rushed down to the hospital
where she was admitted.
“Though the first doctor was unable
to remove the bullet, we thank
God that the second doctor did it. We
were only told that she was hit by a
misfired gun,” he said.
Meanwhile, all efforts to reach the
two brothers to ascertain the cause
of the fight between them proved
abortive, as they had been reportedly
apprehended by men of the Nigeria
Police Force, Ozoro Division.
-Francis Sadhere
Warri Akali