Adeleke warns Commissioners, Advisers against repeating errors of past governments



Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, has warned his newly inaugurated Commissioners and Advisers against corrupt conducts even as he restated his commitment to the full implementation of his five-point agenda.

Declaring open a three-day executive retreat for Commissioners and Advisers, Governor Adeleke rolled out principles which he called on all appointees to abide with, pointing out that the realisation of the five-point agenda would provide a solid foundation for a new Osun State.

Taking time to update the participants on the five- point agenda, re-emphasized details of his governance agenda and asked the appointees not to commit errors of past administrations in the state.

Addressing his appointees on details of his agenda, Adeleke said, “First line charge for workers’ welfare, salaries, gratuities, and pensions: The above flows from the close link between formal and informal workforce in Osun State. When state workers are well treated, the informal sector booms as Osun is for now almost a civil service state. So in your policy framework, you must be mindful of the likely impact on workers, both within and out of government. Our policies and programmes must be workers’ friendly.

“Boosting the state economy by business partnering and support for business class: Osun faces twin setbacks of poverty and unemployment. To change the narrative, we must deepen the state economy through incentives and an enabling environment for the business class. Here, the class covers the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) and the market operators across gender. We must introduce policies that will increase the state GDP through prosperity of the business community. In return, a booming state economy will employ more job seekers and enhance tax revenues to bridge the infrastructure deficit.

“Osun money serving Osun people through homegrown infrastructure policy: Osun State has suffered multi-billion naira capital flight in the last 12 or so years. That unfortunate past is responsible for this agenda of localisation. This implies the government patronizing local suppliers and contractors. State fund thus revolves within the local economy, deepening state growth and ensuring local economy expansion. We are to address infrastructure gaps through local affordable options. Part of localisation is our direct labour policy, this reduces cost of projects, ensures standard monitoring, creates local jobs and empower local business class. You must therefore avoid exporting contracts and services outside the state except where there is no local alternative. We must not repeat the errors of the past which were responsible for the present precarious state.

“People-focused social policy through skill-based education, affordable health care, state security, and social security support: Osun was in the past a victim of fanciful policy designs which neglected the people and relegated their interests to the background. We must run a people-centric government. Have it at the back of your mind that the principal goal of government is the welfare of the people. So we must ensure reforms in education, health, women and youth sectors that positively impact on the people. As politicians, it makes sense for us to genuinely serve the people. They voted for us. Constitutionally, governments are set up for the welfare of the citizenry.

“Agro-based Industrialisation for wealth and job creation for youths and women: Osun is a state blessed with multiple resources as a traditionally agricultural state. Our Industrialisation efforts should be agricultural based in addition to other sectors such as solid minerals. We must create industrial parks, agriculture processing zones alongside our free trade zones. The target should be the development of value chains of agricultural products to access local and international markets. This will energize and engage our women and youth and transform Osun from its present civil service status.”

He proceeded to admonish his executive team, adding, “I expect all appointees to uphold these principles in public and private conduct as follows:

“Responsive Government: We must all beware of conduct injurious to the welfare of the public. We should be responsive at all times to the aspirations of the citizenry. We must remain of the people, by the people and for the people.

“Honesty and integrity in public service: The public is watching us. The opposition is monitoring our actions and inactions. You must be above board. Corrupt conduct will be heavily sanctioned.

“Innovation in Governance: Osun is confronted with multiple governance questions, yet, our financial resources are limited. Our only option is to think out of the box. As heads of MDAs, I charge you to be very innovative. You are to generate and implement problem solving ideas within the framework of the five point agenda.

“Prudence in Governance: In times of national economic emergency, I love achieving much with little resources. You must be prudent and adopt measures that reduce the cost of projects and services.

“United team Work: I am a team player. I expect synergy and collaboration. You must avoid infighting as much as possible. If you are in doubt, approach the Chief of Staff for clarifications. There won’t be any room for solo actors in our cabinet. You must work as a team with a common goal to make a difference in the lives of our people.

“Harmony with Bureaucrats: We must get it clear that while the commissioners are the political heads of the Ministries, the permanent secretaries are the accounting officers. We must therefore work with the public service within the context of public sector laws and regulations. Political appointees must respect public service rules.

“Due Process /Rule of Law: Above all, my leadership is about due process and rule of law. You must not cut corners. I will not compromise transparency and accountability,” he explained.

While lauding the partnership for development among the three arms of government, the Governor advocated sustenance of the close relationship among the executive, legislative and executive arms of government to achieve good governance.

The opening programme for the retreat was attended by the Deputy Governor, Kola Adewusi; the Secretary to the State Government, Teslim Igbalaye; The Head of Service, Samuel Ayanleye Aina, the State Chairman of the PDP, Sunday Bisi; the House of Assembly Speaker, Adewale Egbedun; the Deputy Speaker, Oyewusi Akinyode; the Orangun of Oke Ila, His Royal Highness, Adedokun Abolarin; Permanent Secretaries, members of the House of Assembly and Special Advisers among others.