Again, cost of food items drop by over 20%

The cost of perishable food items like tomatoes, pepper, onions and rice has dropped by over 20 per cent across major markets in Lagos.

When our correspondent visited Mile 12 market, one of the biggest commodity markets in Nigeria, she found that the development affected most of the common items.

For instance, a basket of tomatoes, which was N7,000 in January 2018, has dropped to N5,500. A basket of chilli pepper (rodo) has also dropped from N5,000 to N3,000.

A jute bag of onions, which was previously sold at N30, 000, now goes for N20, 000.

The Chairman, Mile 12 Market Traders Association, Alhaji Haruna Muhammed, explained that Mile 12 is a market where people trade every minute of the day to buy fresh foodstuff.

He said, “The supply of the produce is more than the demand because farmers commenced harvest in December and there would be a surplus in the market until April when the harvest season would end.

“That is why we have been advocating for increased investment in tomato processing plant to mop up the excess and reduce waste, create jobs and increase contribution to the Gross Domestic Product,” he said.