Air Peace aborts Lagos-Owerri flight over bird strike


An Owerri-bound plane belonging to Air Peace made an emergency landing in Lagos on Saturday due to a bird strike.

Uba Group

A bird strike is a collision between a bird and an aircraft which is in flight or on a takeoff or landing roll.

According to a statement by the management of Air Peace, the flight from Lagos to Owerri took off around 12 noon.

The plane, which was enroute to Owerri, could not land due to the impact of the bird strike, and as such, returned to Lagos for an emergency landing.

The airline added that the passengers disembarked unhurt.

“This is to inform the flying public and our esteemed customers that Air Peace flight P47154, which departed Lagos at 12:00hrs today, August 27, 2022, for Owerri, could not land due to a bird strike that got the bird stuck on the left main landing gear.

“The strike affected the operating parameters of the landing gear which made the pilots follow regulatory safety procedures by returning to Lagos where they landed the aircraft safely without any incident.

“Passengers disembarked normally and another aircraft has been deployed to operate the flight.

“We apologise for the inconveniences caused to all passengers affected by this situation and be assured of our strict compliance with established safety standards,” the statement read.