Akpororo to unmarried celebrities: Marry a homely woman


M onday, November 14, made it a year since Bowoto Jephta, aka, Akpororo tied the knot with Josephine Ijeoma Onuabughuchi. And the couple welcomed their first child, a baby girl, in August.
In a chat with our correspondent, Akpororo said he was never unsure of marrying the mother of his child.
He explained, “The Bible says ‘he who finds a wife, finds a good thing.’ You must be sure you want to take the step and this is what I always tell people. You must know what you want in a woman. I saw what I wanted and everything fell into place with the help of prayers. I have spiritual fathers, my pastors, who I explained things to and we prayed together. I knew what I wanted and I took the step.”
Though they started dating last year and got married the same year, the comedian met his wife many years ago and became a friend to the family. “Though, I started showing interest three years ago, a colleague of mine claimed they had something together. I did not really know what was between them at a time. But last year, I knew I wanted to get married. Also, she was thinking of settling down and she was praying about it. When I engaged her in discussion, I then told her I was interested in mar riage, not relationship.”
On secrets to a successful union, he said, “My advice to other entertainers is that they should always look out for women that can stay at home. Though, some people could survive getting married in the same industry, I feel they still need to pray about it. If God says she is the right person, then nothing will come in-between them. No one is perfect; we need the help of God.”
Akpororo knew what he wanted in life and he went for it when he saw it. According to him, he was just a man some years ago but now a happy husband and father
“All you need is to cross that bridge. Once you cross it with the right person, you will remain happy forever. “Before you enter a marriage, you should be sure you are ready. In marriage, you just do not pick offence in everything.
No doubt, you are the head of the family as a man, but you still need to hear from your wife and carry her along in things you do. I think where the problem comes from is that no one wants to bend and two wrongs do not make a right. When the wife is a boss and the husband is a boss also, there must be problems,” he said.