And the Teju Babyface show returns, better


After battling with certain challenges, the television show, Teju Babyface, is finally back on air with new contents.
Teju used to make a lot of noise about his show, put it on billboards and the social media platforms. It was learnt that he ran into trouble, which affected the continuous running of the show.
But the producer, Teju Oyelakin, told The Point that there was no time the show was stopped.
“I don’t know what gave you the impression that I stopped my show. I know for a long time we didn’t record fresh episodes. But one has to always strategise because it is a challenging business environment for entrepreneurs. Since there is no financial support, you must learn on the job. And when you learn, you would have to relax and put the lessons in practice. We are now recording again.
“I have read few articles where they said I explained why I stopped the TV show and I got curious where they got it from. When a captain of a ship runs into a storm on the high sea, he brings down the sail. The fact that you cannot see the sail of the ship from miles away during the storm does not mean the ship is not on the sea,” Teju said.
He insisted that though some things have changed, Teju Babyface is still the same. To him, the very interesting interviews are still there, the audience is still there, the very funny moments are still there and also the good production. But now, according to him, there is an identifiable conceptual definition.
“There is a core value to the show now. The core values are inspiration for the youth and those in the entertainment as well as promoting excellence. Every product must have something it is built around. This was what we were trying to achieve all those years.
“We started our show without really understanding what our core was. There are some things you learn and some things given by God. God took us through a period and he slowed us down for a while to see what our conceptual definition ought to be. Today, when you look at our show, you should be inspired and strive to be a better person,” he said.
For Teju, the followers of the show have remained loyal regardless of the challenging times.
However, he is delighted that the show was now attracting followership across the entire country. “It is hard for any independent producer to do what we are doing. We’ve gone through our learning curves and we are not going back.”