Another church boy, Gee Momo, on a mission


That the church has produced some of the finest musicians all over the world is no longer news. Nosa Turah Momoh, also known as Gee Momo, is another product of the church getting ready to take the music stage by storm.

Uba Group

Based in the United Kingdom, the talented Nigerian started doing music since the early 90s, in the children choir at Life Fulfilment Bible Church, formally known as The Wonderful Church of God.

Being the leader of the group, he said everyone looked up to him to provide songs to run the church services and he did not fail.

“Within a short period, I formed a group of three young boys, which was called the God’s Evidence Singers, at a time. I was also the leader of this group and made two music albums with this group at that time. This group is now called De Evidenx, managed by my younger brother, Gee Momos,” he explained.

Though he had to relocate to UK, he said it had never stopped his love for music.

“I am a DJ in Liverpool City and the organiser of a show, Culture Splash. I am a producer and also a musician.”

His first official single, ‘Finest Girl’ featuring Donnel, was released recently.

He has done a remix with Sound Sultan and the video, which was shot by UJ Pro, was released on Monday.