Banke Meshida-Lawal, CEO BMpro Makeup:- I like being comfortable and stylish


As a child, in my primary school, I took art lessons. I’ve always enjoyed drawing and painting. I see makeup as an extension of fine arts, because it is also about mixing colours, sketching and creating designs. I would also say that my parents encouraged the artistic elements in me, one way or the other. But I actually wanted to be a diplomat. I used to dream of travelling around the world.
I ventured into make-up by chance. I found myself doing it while I was in the University of Lagos and it became natural for me to make business out of it. I would wear makeup and people would keep asking me to help them out. I did that for strangers and friends without hesitation. So, after graduation, I got too busy and fully booked for make-up jobs. I enjoy painting people’s faces and everything that has to do with beauty. Fashion is what you do to project a good outlook of yourself. I like being comfortable and stylish.