Coach arrested for allegedly luring aspiring footballers into homosexuality, raping others


A football trainer simply identified as Coach Adebisi, has been arrested by operatives of the Department of State Services in Osun State over alleged homosexual and rape of male aspiring footballers.

The coach was arrested in Osogbo last week when he was allegedly attempting to rape a male teenage footballer (name withheld) at his house.

According to security sources, the coach introduced homosexuality to the teenager via WhatsApp chats and successfully lured him to his house where he was attempting to have an amorous relationship with him before he was arrested.

Adebisi is said to be one of the football coaches in the state. He was accused of sexually abusing another teenage footballer in the state a few weeks ago.

Sources explained that Adebisi would lure his victims to his house after promising to assist them in their football career by pushing for their enrollments in the state football team.

According to a security source, “Coach Adebisi is a suspected gay and some boys who play football under his tutelage have complained of the manner he used to assault them sexually. He was picked up on Tuesday by the DSS. Further investigation is ongoing.” One of the victims while explaining how he met Adebisi at their football training ground in Osogbo, said the suspect initiated homosexuality to him through amorous chatting on WhatsApp platform.

The young athlete revealed that Adebisi promised to help in advancing his football career if he allows him to have sexual intercourse with him.

“I met him (Adebisi) where we went to play ball recently. He said he likes me and that he will help my career. Then I noticed that the conversation we were having on WhatsApp was not in line with the football training we have.

“He started talking about sex and masturbation but I overlooked it.

“After, I told one other coach who was surprised and condemned Adebisi’s act. The person told me to block him. Then, I stopped talking to him.

“Last week, an incident happened that brought about the conversation again. So, I reopened the conversation. Coach Adebisi invited me to his house and tried to have sex with me but he was not successful until the security men entered his room.

“Though, he had ejaculated on my body,” the boy claimed.

Some football trainers in Osogbo pointed out that some other young male athletes had made similar allegations of homosexuality against Adebisi.

“We have been hearing that some coaches are gay. This incident happened to another boy that I know that brought about his latest issue,” another football trainer said.

Meanwhile, when contacted, the Chief Public Relations Officer of the Osun State Sports Council, Funmilayo Moradeyo, said she heard of the arrest but was yet to confirm from the DSS.