Confusion as Ibadan Poly student die unclad as girlfriend slips into coma


Uba Group

Uba Group

There was confusion at The Polytechnic, Ibadan, as a student of the school, named Oromidayo, was found dead in his hostel room near the school recently.

Report had it that a female student found naked with him (suspected to be his lover) is in a coma with doctors battling to revive her at the University College Hospital, Ibadan.

It was gathered from a source that Oromidayo and the lady were found on top of each other in the hostel room, while another source said that they were found naked in the bathroom of the hostel.

A source alleged that the two students died while engaging in intense sex, leading to Oromidayo’s death.

The source was quoted as saying, “Both of them were found naked in the room. The girl was on top of Oromidayo as his hands were around her waist.

“Both of them were unconscious as blood was seen around Oromidayo’s head. Some other persons said Oromidayo died because he used a sex enhancement drug before sleeping with the girl.

“It is only an autopsy that can reveal the cause of death or maybe when the girl that is in a coma at the UCH, Ibadan, regains consciousness.”

Abdulazeez Adedeji, President, Student Union, The Polytechnic, Ibadan, confirmed the incident, saying that they must have been killed by generator fumes.

Adedeji said, “On Sunday, the two of them were together at the hostel when the incident happened. When I got to the hostel yesterday (Monday), I realised that the fumes emanating from the generator were coming directly into his (Oromidayo’s) room.

“Generator fumes are harmful to health and that is one reason. The second part is that he lost his parents two weeks ago; his brother died on Saturday and was buried that same day, and he died on Monday. So, the suspicion is that the shock could be responsible for what happened to him as people said maybe he drugged himself or thought to the extent that he could not control himself.

“Both of them were found naked; we were to start exams yesterday if not for a protest. We found the book he was reading in his hostel. We gathered that they were found naked in the toilet of the hostel. His family has taken his corpse and the girl is on a life support machine at the UCH.”

The Public Relations Officer of the institution, Sholadoye Adewole, described the incident as unfortunate, stating that “Because they were staying outside the school, nobody has any evidence of what actually transpired.

“It is the medical people who can explain the details of what happened to them.

“We learnt that the family members of the boy have claimed his corpse. They were adults, whatever happened. If there was a crime, the police would determine the nature of the crime.”