Sunday, April 14, 2024

Couple flees Nigeria over planned ‘arraignment’ in shrine

Attempts by a suspected juju priest to force a couple to confess in preparation for appeasing a deity at their family shrine has finally led to their disappearance, The Point has learnt.

A man, identified as Babawale Oni-Orisan, was said to have had a running battle with his wife following his alleged discovery that his wife had been diagnosed with the dreaded Hepatitis B killer-disease.

This revelation was said to have caused panic within his extended family since nothing of that nature could be traced to either of the couple’s family members.

It was in the course of finding a permanent solution to the problem that the juju priest within the family was contacted and he was said to have later told them that Oni-Orisan’s wife had been cheating her husband, after all.

“The gods revealed to us that the woman is promiscuous and you all know the implications.

She must make a full confession and appease the god,” the juju priest reportedly declared.

The accusation was said to have jolted the couple, who could not believe their ears.

The Lagos Island-based woman was consequently told to go and make full confessions before the deity and a list of items needed for a special propitiation to appease the already angry god was handed over to her.

According to our source, Babawale Oni-Orisan, who is in his late30s, was livid with rage as neighbours know the couple as practicing Christians, who abhorred fetish practice. The source added, “They took everything in its stride, but agreed in principle to what the family members wanted them to do.

“There was much pressure on the couple to comply with the directive of the chief priest, but they secretly eloped and their whereabouts remain unknown.

The irony of it all is that, no matter where they might have escaped to, the juju will find them and bring them back.

“The Chief Priest has vowed to fetch them out and even impose sanctions on them for their action. Let them run abroad, let them run to Abuja or any other country for that matter, we shall bring them back, especially the promiscuous woman”.

However, a lawyer, who handles the family affairs of the Oni-Orisans, Mr. Dotun Adetona, told our correspondent that the couple appeared to have left their residence without confiding in any one.

“I heard it as a speculation that the couple relocated to Europe over idol worshipping. But I do not have the details. All I can say is that the couple were very successful in their property business,” he said.

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