Court moves to save Prophet’s marriage

  • He’s dating a church member-Wife

Peace may finally return to the matrimonial home of Prophet Solomon Bankole, and his
wife, Christiana, as the President and members of the bench of Oshodi Grade ‘B’ Customary Court are now taking steps aimed at settling the quarrel between them so as to prevent the marriage from total collapse.

Uba Group

Prophet Bankole had angrily approached the court to seek for the dissolution of his 17-year-old marriage on the grounds of constant fighting, unwarranted troubles and the use of dangerous objects during quarrels.
He alleged that his wife’s violent conduct had made many church members to quit his church, claiming that his wife had also seized some vital documents belonging to him. The pastor said, “I am tired of my wife. She wants to destroy my ministry with her bad character. I have been trying to swallow the bitter pills as a man of God; now she has stretched me beyond elasticity. I do not think I can bear her excessive behavior any longer. My love for her has not only…