Cynthia Morgan: I grew up in a broken home, lonely and lost


Cynthia Morgan may have achieved some measure of success in her music career within a short period, but it has not been a smooth ride as it seems.
One with a lifestyle that raises eyebrows, Cynthia is not particularly proud of the sort of upbringing she had and the rate at which the marriage institution is being thrown into the dustbin.
In a chat with The Point, she says, for a kid, there is a psychological effect that comes with growing up in a broken home. She was seven when she first saw her father.
The Northside Music singer lamented that most people who were victims of broken homes, used it as a reason to be wayward.
She noted that “no woman wishes to be a single parent if she really knows what she is going into.”
“Everyone wants the best for their kids and having a father is one of those things. Those days in school, my friends would tell me how they went on vacation with their mothers and fathers. I didn’t experience that and it goes a long way in shaping a child’s life. You feel alone and lost,” she said.
Cynthia is disturbed by the growing incidences of teenage pregnancy, rape, child abuse and domestic violence in the society. She is also concerned that a growing number of young women are not interested in marriage.
“There is a lot of teenage pregnancy here and there. These young people don’t even know what single parents go through. I am from a single parent, I was raised by my mother,” she recalled.
The situation, she said, was what inspired her to sing one of her songs, ‘Baby Mama,’ as a campaign for young ladies.
“My ‘Baby Mama’ song is actually telling married women to do everything to keep their marriages. Despite having the ring, you still have to be cool and stay presentable to stop your husband from being seduced by a strange lady. But some ladies tried to bring me down when I released the song,” she added.
Speaking on why having a baby outside marriage is now fashionable, she opined that it was because people were not talking about it and the effect.
She said, “Nobody is shedding light on it and people are not aware of the impact on their kids. They are just young people; they see that celebrities are doing it and they think it is cool. It is a bad trend. Bringing kids to this world means a lot. Kids are very vulnerable. What they see at a young age sticks to their head forever. My grandma told me that you can hurt a grown-up man and he will forget, but you cannot hurt a kid and expect him to forget.
“So, it is whatever you plant in them right now, that they hold on to. Men who treat girls rudely must have taken after their fathers. It was possible they saw the way their mothers were being treated. Some women cannot love too because they saw their mothers suffering in the hands of their fathers. I am a victim of that.”