Dayo Amusa pours out her heart on marriage

Every human being desires to get married. Women in particular, attach so much importance to the marriage institution, and there are a lot of women who claim that an unmarried woman has no honour.

But as with life, it’s not everything we desire that we are able to acquire; so, sadly, some people do not eventually get married.

Some do, but it doesn’t last. Some of these divorced ones are privileged to get married again, and for some of them, it’s a second chance, and for others it’s the same bitter tale all over again.

Nigerian actresses are believed to be loose, lacking in moral and not really wife material. All the same, some of them are married, while others are not. Some are separated and some are divorced, just like other human beings in every other walk of life.

Dayo Amusa is one of the Nollywood actresses, who’s not married. Ordinarily, she seems not perturbed by her single status.

However, her latest song, may be an indication that she’s actually becoming worried about being single. She released the video of the song last week.

The song is entitled “Marry Me,” and its lyrics are all about a woman hoping for marriage.

And since musicians mostly write their songs from personal experiences and desires, we can only say to the able men out there: “Please, marry Dayo.”

Good luck, girl.