DJs to Terry G: Go and sin no more


The National Executives of the Deejays Association of Nigeria has lifted the embargo placed on Terry G over what they perceived as an act of ‘disrespect’ to all Nigerian DJs. Terry G had slapped DJ Phreez for interrupting his performance during comedian Bash’s show at Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos.
This made DJAN to act quickly to protect one of their own and the association asked all DJs to remove his songs from their playlists. But the association has decided to pardon him.
A statement by DJANsaid, “We humbly appreciate the support and cooperation of Nigerian DJs for full participation on the said subject. We are most grateful for acknowledging the fact that an injury to one is injury to all.
“Terry G has shown a very reasonable level of remorse and had apologised to all parties concerned, including the leadership of the association at all levels. After due consultations and deliberation, the Deejays Association of Nigeria hereby lifts the ‘embargo’ on all songs of Terry G, including songs he featured in.” Meanwhile, DJ Humility had said that he once had an encounter with Terry G where he felt insulted and used.
He said, “I have had a personal encounter with him many years ago and it was the same Jimmy who begged me to calm down. He disrespected me. It was during the period I was seriously helping him on his career and I wanted him to do stuffs with me. He then told me I should speak with his manager. When I was playing his song, I didn’t tell him to talk to Ben Murray- Bruce who owns the radio station. I was playing it based on the fact that he came to me for help.
“As soon as he got the fame, he turned me down. There was no social media at the time, so everyone knew that I carried his matter on my head. I felt so bad and used. I have no relationship with him again; he is Terry G and I am Humility. If he says hello, I am cool and if he doesn’t, I am cool too. We are not enemies; artistes only know how to use people. That is the gospel truth. If it were to be my boy he slapped and he came to tell me, I would slap him four times for not retaliating.”