Ex-Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmed, accused of nominating self for World Bank job


Nigeria’s former Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Ahmed, has been accused of nominating herself to fill the position of an Alternative Executive Director in the World Bank, a position meant for the country.

According to a report by World Street Journal, Ahmed reportedly, deliberately circumvented the process using her position as minister to hold down the position for eight months to enable her nominate herself and foist a fait accompli on the World Bank Group.

By her action, the report said, Nigeria was been denied the opportunity to present a qualified person with an Economic background to fill the position.

This she consciously did in preparation to resumption of office anytime soon consequent upon the formalisation of her appointment without recourse to the Federal Goverment.

The World Bank Group, months ago had written a letter to the Federal Goverment requesting for the Curriculum Vitaes of at least three economists who are qualified to fill the vacant position of the AED.

“The letter was passed through the office of the Minister of Finance who hid the letter, thereby denying the Federal Goverment’s input into the nomination process,” WSJ quoted the source to have revealed.

“Another brewing controversy is in the selection of staff to work with her as she has narrowed the selection down to her aides when she was at the Ministry of Finance.

“Some of these aides are either too junior and in most cases lack the expertise and qualifications required by the World Bank,” the source further added.

A female (name withheld) who was at the Debt Management Office, a former directo IER, and two of her female aides are also considered as part of her team.

“The former minister will work out of the Office of the Executive Director (EDS25) known as Africa Group 3 Constituency, representing Angola, Nigeria, and South Africa.

“She will work under Ayanda Dlondlo, a South African who is the Executive Director (EDS25).

“The Alternate Executive Directors fulfill a dual function, as officials of the Bank and as representatives of the member-country or countries that appointed them.

“They have the full power to act for the World Bank Director when he or she is not present.

“The staff (members) of the EDS25 are committed to working with the 189 World Bank- member countries to present a consensus development issues,” the source concluded.