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Father tortures kids with iron over dirt

  • Their mother absconded after severe beatings – Neighbours
  • He needs psychiatric attention – Activists
  • The law will take its course – Lagos Public Defender

Ibrahim and Shukura Azeez are presently hovering between life and death at the Airforce
Base Hospital, Oshodi, Lagos, as they were severely tortured by their father, who spanked them with iron rod for allegedly not cleaning their living room before he arrived from work.

img52The father, who resides with the children at 7 Dele Obilade Street, Oshodi, Lagos mainland, was at press time in the police custody at Shogunle Police Station, Lagos. The children were reportedly tortured by their drunk father for not cleaning the room before the latter came back from work. It was gathered that the incident occurred when they were eating in their living room.

One of the neighbours, who is simply called Yetunde, told The Point that she was not surprised at the action of Azeez. She said that was not the first time the commercial motorcyclist would
return home drunk and beat the children. The neighbour stated, “He got back from work and found that the living room was untidy. When he asked the children the reason they didn’t clean the room, out of fear, they didn’t respond and he lost his senses as he started beating them with hand and later picked up an iron rod behind the door. He was about to kill the children when we forced the door open. “By the time we got in, the kids were wounded in the head and mouth with blood gushing out of their head and mouth, respectively.

They were almost fainting due to serious injuries sustained. We all know he is not a responsible man, considering the way he used to harass people in the neighbourhood. He is well known for taking all sorts of alcoholic drinks with friends at relaxation joints in the area.
Meanwhile, findings by The Point revealed that the culprit also beat his wife to stupor before the young lady abandoned her children and ran away.

Another source, who spoke with The Point on the condition of anonymity, explained, “He used to beat the mother of the children and she fainted a couple of times before her relatives came to take her away. “If any of us tried to intervene, he beat us up as if he was on drugs. He is such an irresponsible man that drinks and gambles all day. It is unfortunate for the kids to have him as a father.”

Meanwhile, human rights activists have swung into action. They are battle-ready to ensure the case is investigated and that justice prevails. The President, Paths of Peace Initiative, Comrade Dandy Eze, told The Point that he would ensure that necessary actions were taken to protect the children and prevent a recurrence. According to him, the bestial father should be subjected immediately to psychiatric check-up before facing the law over the unruly act.
He said, “That man must be an unstable and wicked person, who should face the wrath of the law for his misdeed. The fact that you fathered a child does not mean you should kill the child under whatever reason.

“We all know that even the Bible supports discipline, but it doesn’t prescribe it to the level of trying to kill the child, and that is why I believe he must face the law after the psychiatric check-up at a good neuropsychiatric hospital.” Another human rights activist,President, Civil Liberties Organisation, Comrade Kenny Bakare, said, “Such act by a parent is wicked and therefore, needs to be curtailed with the law. And this is one of the causes we have been fighting against. Parents are not given outright power to do whatever they like to their children. The children own their right to live without being maltreated.”

The Director, Lagos State Public Defender, Mrs Omotola Rotimi, explained  that the law totally frownsed at such action and that the agency was also battle-ready to ensure that
justice prevailed. However, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Mrs. Dolapo Badmos, a Superintendent of Police, couldn’t confirm the incident, as she told our correspondent that the police had not been informed officially.

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