FCT schools in emergency shutdown over insecurity



Uba Group

Public and private schools in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, abruptly closed for the third term on Tuesday as a result of rampant terror attacks that have engulfed the nation’s capital city.

FCT Minister, Mallam Mohammed Bello, had on Monday instructed schools in the FCT to close and proceed on holiday to avert any forms of abduction of students in the territory by rampaging terrorists.

Mallam Bello’s instruction came on the heels of battle between the terrorists and the Brigade of Guards of the Nigerian Army that left a soldier dead and also a terror attack near the Federal Government Girls College, Kwali, two weeks after the terror attack on the Kuje Custodian Centre which led to jail break and subsequent release of terrorists held in the custody.

As a result of the emergency closure, schools were forced to compress the final time table and ensured that the students took their final papers scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday on Tuesday.

Speaking with The Point, a private school proprietor in Jikwoyi, a suburban in the territory said the situation is terrible and terrifying.

The school owner who begged not to be named, wondered why the federal government cannot bring terrorism to an end in the country but rather appear helpless.

“The situation is both terrible and terrifying. It’s no longer a joking matter. The terrorists are now in Abuja with us and what it means is that the country has fallen and nobody is safe. Where do we run to? Closing the schools is not the solution, what about our homes, who will safe guard us now that they can attack the Brigade of Guards and kill a soldier. There is trouble.”

A school teacher in a public secondary school in the city centre lamented the backwardness of the country as a result of the activities of the terrorists.

The teacher who preferred anonimity for fear of oppression blamed the government’s lackadaisical attitude towards the activities of the terrorists.

He said, “the government decided to let the terrorists take charge because our government has everything both money and man power to stop this menace but they refused. Don’t be surprised that we will wake up one morning and find ourselves like the Afghans.

“When I knew a time like this will come was the time the federal government decided to recruit the terrorists into the Nigerian Army as repented terrorists. Now all of us are in it. Our lives are in danger, only God can save us because our government has failed us,” he said.

A lawyer and social critic, Ado Benjamin described what is happening as a complete statement of a failed state.

Benjamin said the country has never been in this precarious situation since her independence and added that the government at all levels have failed the citizens.

“Do you think it is by accident that this is happening when those in government are busy defending every act of terrorism against her citizens.

“Whatever any minister had said about terrorists is the mind of the President and his administration.

“How can you be defending these wicked and evil people. Now that they are in Abuja, where else is safe. I will not be surprised to hear that they have taken over Aso Rock Villa. If they can engage in a gun battle with Brigade of Guards to the extent of killing a soldier, what are we talking about! The country is finished. Not quite a long time from now, Nigeria will fall into the hands of the terrorists. This is very terrible.”

The legal luminary tasked President Buhari and APC administration to tell themselves and Nigerians the truth, arguing that the country has collapsed in their hands.


He claimed that there is no hiding place for them as the history of the country will have it that it was during their time that the giant of Africa was conquered by terrorists.