For me, politics is never an option, says Gideon Okeke


At a time political office or appointment is being highly sought by Nigerian entertainers, Gideon Okeke has said that he would never seek any political office.
In a chat with The Point, he said acting had always been his calling from childhood. According to him, he still has a lot to do and venturing into politics will not allow him to achieve his set goals.
“I will never venture into politics. I started acting since I was six years old. I am not surprised and my parents were not surprised I turned out this way. There was no time I wanted to quit acting. I am just even starting; I am just 11 years old in the industry,” the ‘Tinsel’ actor stated.
So far, for him, the most challenging role he has had to play is in a movie, titled.
A Place in the Stars’. The tasking nature of the movie ensured that they used seven years to complete it, which is uncommon in the production of movies in Nigeria.
The father of one wants his work to inspire the younger ones to strive for excellence or want to be better beings.
“I want to be able to change the society positively. We cannot take away from the works our seniors like RMD, Uncle Olu Jacobs and the rest have done. What is left for us is to take the baton and run with it. We would also aspire to do more than them, he said.”
Though Okeke feels humbled by being part of ’93 Days’ production, he, however, said that he did not feel special as anyone could be chosen to be part of it as well.