Global cyber attacks: FUTA can help Nigeria out


Massive cyber A t t a c k s worldwide targeting energy, medical, economic and security services and platforms are growing by the day. The UK, USA , Russia and other European, Asian and South American countries are battling to stave off the consequences which have affected a number of their facilities, including medical, economic and military platforms.

Uba Group

They have set up permanent bodies to tackle the menace and they are making steady progress in the battle against the evil and faceless squads of cyber crime. The fear is that Africa and Nigeria in particular may be the next target of the global cyber rats. If it happens in Nigeria what will be the consequences? Banking, oil exploration, rail and aviation services, including military installations may be affected with crippling and devastating effects.

The Federal Government should set up a Rapid Response Team on Cyber Security to begin work immediately. We should not wait for the doomsday to act There are a couple of cyber security experts at the Federal University of Technology Akure, FUTA. They will be available to help their fatherland to fight this clear and present danger.


Adegbenro Adebanjo,

Principal Assistant Registrar

Public Relations, FUTA