Global market for traditional advertising agency services to reach $380.45bn by 2030 – Report



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The global market for traditional advertising agency services is envisaged to garner total revenue of $380.45 billion, representing a growth of 5.52 percent by 2030.

This was revealed by Spherical Insights, a research body which disclosed that the sector recorded a total of $234.58 billion in 2022

The concerned platform, while examining the current advertising industry globally, observed a noticeable shift and changeover in the advertising industry since the evolution of newspaper advertising since the 19th century.

The data also pointed out that traditional marketing is nothing more than an intrusive type of advertising that allows marketers to contact potential clients whenever and wherever they choose.

It acknowledged that the traditional marketing strategy enables marketers to directly present their services to clients, regardless of whether they want to view or read the advertisement.

It, therefore, referred to it as a tried-and-true strategy since consumers must see the advertisement every time they watch TV or read the newspaper; even if they ignore the advertisement, they will at least remember the name of the company or the item that caught their attention.

Spherical Insights listed some of the global traditional advertising agency service market drivers to include intense marketing competition which led to new appointments of advertising agencies as one of the factors driving the market forward.

It said the global advertising market is a multi-regional industry that brings in $1 billion annually.

The platform disclosed that a tough and competitive ecosystem is being created in the market for traditional advertising agency services globally as a result of the start-up growth that has been observed recently in several segments of the global advertising business.

The report also mentioned that cost-effective advertising campaigns compared to in-house marketing is another major driving element for the sector. It stated that this is due to the fact that the traditional advertising agency services have a compelling argument on why their business practices are less expensive than any marketing initiatives.

The analysis from the report showed that the majority of businesses use internal marketing staff and a little marketing budget to function, which as a result, the majority of businesses are focusing on traditional advertising agency services to enable their marketing efforts to engage the most number of consumers at the most affordable cost.

Another factor listed was the fact that the outsourcing model for advertising and marketing brings forth new opportunities for traditional advertising agencies.

According to them, companies are now recruiting professionals from the advertising sector to advise their internal team on how to advance and draw in new clients for their company.

For this reason, organisations wishing to outsource their advertising and branding with these interruptive ads that will help to increase their brand awareness are prioritising the services of worldwide traditional advertising agencies.

Underscoring some of the global traditional advertising agency service market restraints, it included market dynamics such as the prioritization of clients by advertising agencies, maintain that these conventional advertising agencies frequently handle several clients at once, which increases the likelihood of modest human errors, it attested that conventional advertising agencies work with their clients based on the associated revenue.

It meant that clients are prioritized according to the revenue they generate for the agency’s operations, and the more lucrative clients receive better treatment than those who generate less money.

Stating its implication, it averred that the client connection may suffer as a result of the advertising firms’ prioritization method as this may lead to a delay in deadlines and a drop in the caliber of content provided for marketing materials.


In its market dynamics, it stated that constrained Experience in Serving Niche Clients stood out as one of the elements posing a challenge when trying to expand offerings to other industrial sectors.

Giving a segmented analysis of the sector, it indicated that the global Traditional Advertising Agency Services Market is classified into type and end-use, as well as split into online and offline services when categorised by kind.

The analysis maintained that the online service is the most popular among them, with sales expected to reach $56.01 billion in 2021 and $97.47 billion in 2030 at a CAGR of 6.35 percent.

The report’s regional analysis indicated that North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa make up the majority of the five regions that make up the global traditional advertising agency services.