Housewife seeks divorce over hubby’s laziness, joblessness

  • She’s free to go for another man – Husband


A housewife, Mrs. Joke Isiaka, has approached a customary court sitting in Agege, Lagos, for the immediate dissolution of her 26-year-old marriage to her husband, Azeez Isiaka, over his laziness and decision not to seek employment.

The petitioner told the court that her husband had decided to remain unemployed since he lost his former job some three years ago.

She added that the situation had resulted in a situation where she had to bear the responsibility of catering for the whole family alone without Isiaka making any contribution.

The housewife also accused her husband of usually ill-treating her at home due to his lack of job.

Joke told the court, “My husband does not beat me, but l go through psychological and verbal abuse in his hands every day. He is not appreciative of all my endeavours, he embarrasses me at will and talks down on me, even in the public.

”The emotional stress is unbearable; I pray the court to separate us so that I can live comfortably. He is lazy and frustrated, thereby transferring his aggression to everybody around him.”

But the respondent, Isiaka, said he supported his wife’s plea for the dissolution of the marriage between them.

He maintained that he was not ready to deny the allegations in the application filed by his wife.

Isiaka also explained to the court that he decided to stop contributing to the welfare of the family since he had no job.

“She is free to marry another man, if that is what she wants. I will not deny the application. I have no job again for some years now, and how do you expect me to contribute at home?” he asked.

But the court President, Mrs. Ibironke Elabor, in her ruling, advised the couple “to find a way to maintain peace” and adjourned the matter for further hearing.