How to make money from ongoing World Cup

during the 2018 FIFA World Cup International Friendly Match between Nigeria vs DR Congo on May 28th 2018 at Adokiye Amasimeka Stadium ©Kabiru Abubakar/fotodezamora

Despite the fact that the World Cup started in Russia 11 days ago, it is not too late for you to earn extra income, aside from your salary, especially as there are still about 29 days left for the world’s biggest sporting event to end.

Financial managers say that since the FIFA World Cup has over 700 million fans from over 32 countries across the world, the global event should not be seen as a football event but a revenue generation string. No wonder, big brands like Toyota, Coca Cola, Nike, Pepsi, and Samsung run over selves to make an advertising placement.


opportunities that the World Cup provide are not just limited to the citizens of Russia but for discerning investors across the globe


The World Cup provides a plethora of opportunities, which small businesses, entrepreneurs and even ordinary people can key into to make fast money during the one-month event.

The opportunities that the World Cup provide are not just limited to the citizens of Russia but for discerning investors across the globe. If you are travelling there for the tournament, you can also key into the business prospects that the World Cup provides to make money.

Below are a few ways entrepreneurs can key into the 2018 World Cup so as to generate money for themselves:

Face paint

Though the football event is holding in far-away Russia, some football fans love to dress in the colour of their team and go as far as painting their faces with same colours.  If you are artistic and good at painting, then this is for you. The World Cup draws in a lot of loyal and patriotic football fans who will be eager to display the colour of the country they support. You can key into this by offering face and body paint services to them. This business is also known to appeal to kids a lot. All you need in order to start this business is your paint and brush.

Themed food

As a restaurant owner or you love cooking, you can prepare meals that are designed, based on the country’s national colour or flag. The food can be prepared for your customer or you can simply display them in your window to attract customers. Bakeries and pastry makers can also key into this to get more customers in the next few weeks.


Remember those noisy Vuvuzelas from the South Africa 2010 World Cup? Who says some fans of the Super Eagles that could not travel to Russia won’t buy if they see it? You can also try your hands on themed t-shirts, kit, soccer jerseys, glasses, among others, as such items can be really profitable during the World Cup.



Usually, the demand for baby-sitting services always skyrockets during big sporting events such as the World Cup, especially in host nations. But considering the increasing patronage of viewing centres in Nigeria, some parents prefer to watch the matches at the centres and love to get someone to watch over their children.

You can offer your services to help parents hold their babies or watch over their kids when they go to catch fun at the live football centres.

Sell team’s memorabilia

If you have a signed memorabilia from members of a national team, you can sell it to make money. The more popular the player is, the higher his memorabilia will fetch you. You can list the memorabilia on any online store so as to get bids and customers from all around Nigeria.


Sport betting is a multi-million naira industry and it can provide almost anyone an avenue of making quick money. You can stake on the outcome of a match and in about 90 minutes, you could earn some cash. Sport betting can be done both online and offline. Though sport betting is not the most ideal method of earning money, you should always stake only the amount of money you can afford to lose.

Sell flags

During the World Cup, a lot of patriotic fans, who reside in Nigeria, can be seen brandishing their nation’s flags to cheer and support their countries. Most of these fans did not bring the flags from home; they are ready to buy from anyone that sells. You can make some money by selling this.

Car billboard

You can benefit from car-based advertising. Find a local bar or restaurant that wants to get more customers during the World Cup period and then offer to carry a decal of their business on your car for a stipulated fee.