How to start a flower shop in Nigeria

Having a flower shop can be a great experience. The business of dealing and selling flowers is a good investment to make as it is a business that can have a person making a lot of returns and profit from the venture.

This is a business that is overlooked as not being a good business to do especially in a country like Nigeria as many people believe it is not a business that will sell as most people do not consider flowers as significant or important items to purchase.

This is obviously not true because there are still people in the society that appreciate flowers and are always on the lookout to buy them.

This is a business that can be done by almost everyone, although some still consider this business as the exclusive domain of women as we see a lot of women involved and going into the business.

These days we see a lot of men now going into the business and doing well for themselves, showing that all are welcome into this business.

An aspect of this business is that it can be started on a small scale with little money especially if you are dedicated and patient to see the business grow.

So if you like the smells, colors, look and beauty of flowers, this may be a good business for you to try out and establish.

Reasons why it is a good business to do
High potential for growth

This is a business that has not been tapped into its full potential, especially in a country like Nigeria. A lot of people are still gradually recognizing and realizing the importance of flowers which has opened up the market for people to enter and thrive in this business.

So for those who are willing to step into this business but are unsure of its potential and not sure if it is a business that can grow then this is a point they should consider as there is a lot of profit to be made here.

Used for a lot of purposes
Flowers are used in various ways and purposes by people. We have people use flowers as a way of beautifying their environment and where they live.

Even the government is not left out of this as they also give out contracts to agencies to plant flowers around various places to beautify the environment.

They are also used for decorating places. People decorate their homes with flowers to make their homes look nice and they also enjoy the “freshness” it brings to their homes.

We see flowers used at various occasions and events like weddings, burials and other parties, in general they are used in decorating the venues and making the area look nice and lovely

We also see people give out flowers as a gift or as a way of expressing their feelings to other people. They are used on special occasions and holiday periods like Christmas, Valentine and even daily when they are given as gifts.

There are a lot of options

The business of selling flowers is very wide as there are a lot of varieties to choose from and start. First of all you can decide to either sell fresh or artificial flowers and also there are different kinds of flowers to sell like roses, lilies, hibiscus and much more.

Requirements needed for the business
Passion for the business

Before starting the business you should ask yourself if you really like flowers or you are in it for the money. To really excel in this business you will need to like flowers a lot as this will make the whole process of starting the business much easier.

Having the passion and love for flowers will make the business more interesting and will allow you to have the patience to last in the business especially in the beginning. You will be able to learn the business easily as well as grow it successfully.

Learn the business

Once you have decided and know that you have the passion and interest for the business, the next thing to do is to learn what the business is all about.
You will have to learn how to design flowers, how to mix and match colors to bring out good flowers, how to determine the best type of flowers to use for an occasion or event, flowers for different moods and celebration, the prices, how to grow them, how to take care of them and lots more.
Just in case you cannot go through all this process of learning the business but still have the interest of running a flower shop, you can decide to purchase the flowers in bulk and from a reliable and professional source that is also in the business and sell to your customers.
Even with this option you will still need to learn some things especially when you are asked questions by your customers, so do try to take out time to learn a thing or two of the business.

You can start from home by creating your own garden and selling from there, but if you can afford it you can rent a place and operate from there. When choosing a location, ensure it is a busy place with lots of people where you can be seen easily.
This is a good business to do, make sure you do a feasibility study and register the business as well. To advertise your business you can create flyers and brochures and distribute them at events and occasions.
Also you can advertise online and on social media or if you can afford it have a website that will show pictures of your flowers.
Also treat your customers well and in a nice and lovely manner to make sure they keep patronizing your business.