How to start an event decorating business in Nigeria


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Start an Event Decorating Business Today – Let’s face it, most of us can’t decorate. Personally, I can barely decorate my house; therefore, what was I supposed to do for my birthday party. Obtaining the services of an event decorator will cost money; however, I feel it is well worth it if you want the occasion to be memorable.

Therefore, event decorating is a great idea for a small business as people are always throwing parties and hardly want to worry about the hassle of actually having to decorate the venue. By offering your services as to how a venue should be decorated for the specific type of event, you will make your client feel that paying you for relieving them of this stress and worry is worth it.

If you have a knack for making events and parties look spectacular, then consider starting your own event decorating business. You can work for as many types of clients as you want, and the start-up cost is quite low. This can be a fun and lucrative business, as long as you take time to plan before setting out.

To succeed in this highly competitive industry, you will need to effectively combine your artistic and business skill sets.
Here are basic steps to learn how to start an event decorating business.

Learn all you can about event decorating

Chances are that you already have a natural talent. But undergoing training from a reputable event decorator will not only enhance your artistic talent but also your entrepreneurial skills. Project management, time management and communication skills are a few skills you will pick up when you work with a decorator. Don’t mind the terminologies, they just mean using your time well, knowing what tasks to do at each point in time and how to clearly explain yourself to your clients and staff. You should also train your eyes by looking at decorations in events, in magazines and journals.

Choose a niche

There are many types of event decorations to choose from; wedding décor, conference décor, birthday party décor, fairs and festivals etc. By thinking about your target market, you will not only be able to know what resources you need to start the business but it will also enable you to narrow down the type of customers you should target and keep you focused.

Register Your Event Decoration Business with the Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria.

Startup Capital

Like I said before the cost of starting an event planning business is relatively low. However you will need to ask yourself the following questions to determine the capital you will need to start your business.

•What event decoration niche should I focus my attention on?

•Am I going to start my business from my home or rent a business premises?

•Do I register my business right away or do one or two jobs before registration?

•Do I buy my own decorating materials or do I rent from other decorators?( Flowers, Decorating Fabric, Candles, Balloons and Ribbons, Chair Covers and Sashes, Table Linens, Table Covers, Table Skirts, Menu Cards, helium tanks, etc)

•Do I need to employ permanent staff or contract them when there is a job to execute?

Partner with Service Providers to get Clients

If you are just getting started in this field, the fastest way to find clients can be through other service professionals who are already established and better known in the industry. Networking and partnering with people like event and party planners is a win win, since they need decorators for their jobs. Therefore they can employ you on behalf of their clients. Networking ensures that you have a regular flow of clients to your business.

Advertise your services

The best way to promote your event decorating business is by word of mouth. You should encourage your clients to refer you to their friends. Off course your work will have to speak for itself. Other means of advertising are in print, TV adverts and marketing on social networks too. It helps if you offer a discount to go along with your advertisements.

People to Help

Depending on the size of the event, you should always have a couple extra hands to help you. The more hands that are available to help you to decorate, the quicker the event will be set up. Have one person concentrate on decorating each area of the venue. This way each person will give their full creative attention and care to one area of the party, rather than being spread too thin. This could cost your business more money initially, but the work done will speak for itself and help your business survive.

Get a portfolio

As you complete projects, make sure you keep notes and photos so that you can build a portfolio to present to prospective clients for new jobs. If you are new and don’t have photos of work you’ve done for previous clients, ask family members if you can decorate for their events or perform a couple of free jobs just to get the photos.

Pick a venue to hold client meetings

This can be inside your home if you have an area suitable for meeting clients, a rented business office, or you can even choose to hold client meetings at any appropriate restaurant.


The most successful businesses and careers start with a strong desire. If you’ve got a penchant for decorating as well as the dedication and determination to take it to the next level, pursuing this trade will be the perfect job for you.