I Can’t Do Without Good Underwear – Dayo Adeneye


With a career spanning over two decades, attractive and articulate broadcaster, Dayo Adeneye, has definitely carved a niche for himself, most especially in the entertainment sector. His eloquence, carriage, and of course, dashing looks, stand him out in the entertain- ment world. But there is more to his success, as he reveals in this interview with ADEOLA ADEOTI. Excerpts:

How has it been managing the home front without any scandal?

I thank God for having an understanding family and a good wife who believes in me and in what I do. As for scandal, where would the scandal come from? I am a Christian, though not a saint but I try to live a careful life. I try to avoid anything that would bring my name to disrepute. I have worked very hard to build this name and this brand, so I try to avoid anything that would bring me to disrepute. And as a role model to aspiring youths, I try to be careful with how I behave, how I dress and how I talk.

What is that thing you cherish most in your wife?

She is extremely generous and supportive. She has a go-go heart. She never believes you can’t do it.

What is your fashion routine?

Comfort is the number one key for me. I like good things, I won’t lie; that is why I work hard every day. But I am not a label freak; that it has to be Versace or Gucci. I put on any good material that I am comfortable with.

Is there a fashion item you cannot do away with?

Good underwear man! (Laughs). You want me to say wrist-watch? (Laughs again).

Why is this so valuable to you?

It is because you may never know what would come up. There was a time I was at the Grammys in New York; I actually fainted and an ambulance had to come and carry me. So, they took off my clothes. Being out there, you never know what could happen.

Where do you shop for your clothes?

I do most of my shopping abroad, especially when I am in London.

Which fashion item is the most expensive in your wardrobe?

My Rolex wristwatch. I won’t tell you how much I bought it for security reasons.

What kind of perfume do you wear?

I wear Tomford and Cartier.

What is your definition of fashion?

Fashion is a style; it is how you define yourself. It encompasses everything. It includes the way you cut your hair, the way you manicure your nails. Your style is the way you carry yourself from your head to toe and the way you walk.

How do you cope with ladies?

It is natural that when you are in public consciousness, people get attracted to what you do. And you have to remind yourself that you have to continue to do that thing and do it well. The moment you start telling yourself that they love me, you are gone. I used to tell myself that it is not me they love; rather, it is what I do. And that helps me to avoid falling into any devilish trap. I met Eddie Murphy once and in a conversa- tion, I asked him how come he was always comfortable with people and he said, “When you run away from people, they would naturally chase you.” He said wherever he went, before people could say hello to him he would have already approached them to say hello. “So, I go to places I want to go and I try to be as friendly with people.”

What is the greatest compliment you’ve ever received from people?

It feels good when people say to you that they are proud of what you are doing.

How was growing up like? Were you born with a silver spoon?

My father was wealthy but that was his own wealth. I grew up in a good household. My father made sure we had good education and was wealthy enough to have sent us to school abroad.

At this very stage, what has life taught you?

Whatever you want to do in life, be the best at it. It will put food on your table and take you beyond your imagination.

You have travelled far and wide, meeting great people across conti- nents, who would you like to meet that you’ve not met?

I have met the person I think was top on my list, and that was Nelson Mandela. I met Michael Jackson too. If there is any other person, it would have to be Mohammed Ali.