I love the glitz, glamour of being a celebrity – Tamara Jones


Nollywood star, Tamara Eteimo, also called Tamara Jones, is a fast rising movie star. In this interview with Adeleke Adesanya, the winner of the 7th edition of the Next Movie Star reality show talks about her life and career, among other industry issues.

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What would you have loved to do if you weren’t an actress? 

Definitely an air hostess because I like traveling around to see places. And I believe doing that would also fetch me the same opportunity to be in different places around the world.

Can you recall the first movie that launched you into stardom? 

If I can recollect vividly, that would be Desperate House Girl. It was an interesting film I did with the likes of Ini Edo, Mary Lazarus and others. It is a movie I cannot forget in my career.

Have you ever been embarrassed by scandals? 

I have never had and I hope not to have any scandal and that is why I am always careful with what I do.

What are the challenges in your profession? 

I would say that every job comes with its own challenge in its own style and form. You can never predict what kind of challenge it is but the truth is that you have to be able to adapt to whatever situation you find yourself. That’s what I have been doing over the years and I hope to improve on that as an actress, personality and as a brand.

Have you ever been embarrassed by any male fan? 

What embarrassment would an actress have other than funny character of some male fans who ask for your contact and try to get close to you? But unfortunately for them, it doesn’t work for me. I don’t know where they get that idea but you can never tell; anything can happen. That’s the craziest thing really.

Do you have any challenge coping with stardom in relating with people?

I never have such challenges. Being a famous personality should not hinder you from relating well with people. Fame must not get to your head because you rose to become whoever you are today through them. So, why would you now neglect them?

Of course, they always say fame comes with its own spirit but I hope I don’t get overtaken by that spirit as a person. I would still try and be myself the best way I can. I may not be easily accessible, which is normal, we all know that. But in every way, I would try to respond to as many friendly requests on social media. You know how the thing goes now, social media and all that. That is the easiest way to communicate with your fans and people who admire your work.

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