Sunday, February 25, 2024

I never believed I would be caught, says suspect who uses charms to rob residents


A serial robbery suspect, Osinachi Nweke, has been apprehended by the Special Squad of the Nigerian Police in Ifitedunu, Dunukofia Local Government Area of Anambra State for allegedly robbing his fellow natives of their belongings.

Nweke confessed upon arrest that he had robbed the people of Ifitedunu and Umunya in Oyi Local Government Area of the state of their properties, most especially motorcycles, with the aid of some charms.

The suspect also confessed that he takes hard drugs known as Mkpuru Mmiri and that he had escaped arrest after past robberies, owing to the charms he was using.

He said after each operation, he took his loots to some traders who purchased them at cheaper prices from him.

Luck ran out on the suspect recently when he left Umunya to Ifitedunu, his mother’s hometown, and robbed a physically challenged man of his motorcycle.

According to the suspect, he took the stolen bike, worth about N500,000, to a spare part dealer and sold it at the rate of N100,000.

When he was arrested and being interviewed, Nweke said he was baffled that he was arrested by the police, saying he had escaped previous robberies with the aid of his charms.

He said, “I stole the motorcycle and took it to Umunya and sold it for N100,000 as assorted to an Abakaliki man who deals in spare parts. I used charms to steal and I was surprised that the police arrested me. I got the charms at Okuzu. An Okuzu herbalist made the charms for me and I have used it severally to rob people and also leave scenes of robbery uncaught.

“I take Mkpuru Mmiri drugs and I do buy them in Afigwe. I am aware the stolen motorcycle is sold for about N500,000 in the market and it belonged to a crippled man in Okuoba. What I did was not good. I do steal in Umunya and no one has ever caught me. Even the Police there couldn’t stop me because of the charms I have.”

“I never believed I would be nabbed. Anyone who robs should stop because it is not good. Don’t come to Ifitedunu if you are a thief, Special Squad will catch you,” he warned his mates.

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