As a young man about a decade ago, I was very friendly with many people, regardless of their sex or origin. It got to a stage that ladies always swarm around me due to my boisterous nature, which made some men believe that I must be a casanova of some sort.

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In fact, some friends got angry with me, believing that Ihad snatched their girlfriends or deprived them of having access to their girlfriends-to-be. Some of the ladies did not help matters as they often made love advances to me. I often found myself between the devil and the deep blue sea. This was because if I accepted a girl’s gesture, others would be happy and rejecting them too had its own catalogue of woes.

One of my Juliets decided to teach this Romeo the lesson ofhis life. She had made advances to me but I discreetly spurned her. I later got married to a lady of my choice, whom I love and respect a lot. I was still my friendly and boisterous self with people but I made it a point never to advance beyond certain limits with the opposite sex.

This lady, having been observing me for some time, hatcheda well thought out plot to trap me. I was at a party alone, as my wife had to stay back to rest. Unknown to me, my drink had been drugged. Shortly after taking some sips, I started feeling drowsy and some ladies that were part ofthe plan offered to help me to my car.

I passed out on the way to the car and I only woke up to find myself naked in a hotel room with the two ladies, unclad beside me. I could not believe it when they told me that I asked them out and that we spent the whole night together. I was further jolted when they narrated that I used sexual stimulants to be able to handle both of them.

I quickly dressed up and went home to my wife who had been worried about me all night. My feeble excuse to cover the betrayal was that I was ill and that had to stay back at the celebrant’s place. The real problem came some days later when this lady, who had earlier proposed to me, insisted that I must start a relationship with her. I reiterated my earlier answer and she became rather aggressive in her approach.

When I made an attempt to spurn her once more she gave me the shocker. She brought out pictures of the two ladies and myself in compromising positions. Infact, nobody would believe that I was innocent. She then gave me an ultimatum:that I must make love to her and that I had a few days to think about it. I was dumbfounded and confused because I did not want my wife to know what happened even as I did not really know what actually transpired in the hotel room that night.

She came back after some days with the name and room number of the hotel for the rendezvous. I declined. After pleading with her, she insisted that I must pay her a certain amount of money

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