I ran away from home for four years – Saviour


Malta-based Terungwa “Saviour” Fidelis can be described as a veteran of the Nigeria Premier League. Having played for Enyimba FC, FC Taraba, relegated Kaduna United and Zamfara United, he understands the league like the back of his hand. The 27-year-old striker highlighted the differences between the Nigerian and the European leagues in this interview with UCHENNA AJAH. Excerpts: 

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 How did it feel to hear that your formerclub, FC Taraba, would be playing in the lower league next season?

Sincerely speaking, I am not happy. I felt very sad to hear that FC Taraba was relegated from the Nigeria Premier League but to a large extent, I think they didn’t prepare well this season.

Most of the players of the squad are of the opinion that your move from FC Taraba affected their goal scoring ability?

Yeah. Somehow, they tell me the same when I call, but the fact remains that I’m not everything. Football is teamwork but experience also counts. Some of the players even said I left with FC Taraba. Since I left, they found it difficult to win any match.

So what do you have to say to the fans and management of FC Taraba as they prepare for the National League next year?

I feel for the fans of FC Taraba and as good people, I still miss them, since moving to Malta. During my stay at the club, they made me feel at home and also made me go the extra mile by working hard at all times. However, I must confess that FC Taraba by their relegation just lost an opportunity in the Nigeria Premier League. To be honest, life in the lower division is not an easy one. They really have to work; I mean work hard to get back to the Premier League.

Are you fulfilled moving to Malta?

Life is cool down here and we are doing our very best by the grace of God.

What are your targets in Europe?

I set a target. But sometimes targets are not meant to be achieved, rather, they will make you work very hard. That is exactly what I am doing right now. So far, I have scored 6 in the 12 games played. We have 33 games in the season with 21 games left to go.

So far, what do you think is the major difference between the Maltese topflight and the Nigeria Premier league?

The difference between the leagues here in Malta and Nigeria is not hard to see. They have lapses too in terms of finance but they do all within their means to pay you as and when due. More so, the style of play in both countries is different. Football here is very fast and teams are more tactical in approach when compared to what obtains in Nigeria.

Do you still find time to watch the national team’s matches in Malta?

Yes I do and I’m satisfied with the job Sunday Oliseh is doing with the team. In fact, seeing him play some of the ‘homeboys’ ahead of the Euro-based players is enough motivation for everyone to give more to the team when invited.

Are you hoping to play for the Eagles under Oliseh soon?

I am working so hard everyday to improve on my game. That also includes getting a call to play for my country. Hopefully, my performance here in Mosta FC will speak for itself. Maltese football boasts of great strikers that have played for great teams like Juventus, Inter Milan to mention a few. So, to be among the top goalscorers is a dream come true for me. I pray the chief coach of the Super Eagles gives me a call some day.

What is your most memorable experience playing football as a professional?


It is a great feeling for me as an individual to be playing in Europe. That apart, I’m among the highest goal scorers here in Malta and to be honest, it’s a great feeling for me. Remember, this is my first season in Eu

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