I regret not getting married before fame – Iyanya


New Mavin Records star, Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk, has attempted to give reasons he is still unmarried.
In a chat with The Point, he said if he had his way, he would have been married many years ago.
“Everybody thinks I have that bad boy reputation, but I respect marriage. I do not believe I should get married and then get out of it. So, I will not rush into something that I will later rush out of,” he stated. He expressed regrets for not getting married before he became famous, adding that he now understood why his late mother had always wanted him to marry early.
“Before my mother died, she used to disturb me about marriage. She wanted me to get married and I was wondering why. Now, I see the reasons, but I am not giving up on marriage. I just want to make sure that I get this music career right. I do not know of any church that stops 30-year-old people from entering their premises because they are still single,” he added.
According to him, if a man says he wants a girl from the church, he could end up with a devil. And if says he says he wants to marry a dancer, he might use his hands to bring in trouble.
“I am just trying to be patient; I want to take my time. No point lying to you, it is hard to find a lady, who truly cares for you. For most celebrities, the reason we are still single is because we are yet to find the right people.
“I met a girl two years ago and a year later, I found out that she was sleeping with a colleague. How do you want me to marry such girl? If I marry her and my colleague releases her sex tape, what happens to the marriage?” The death of his mother was devastating, because it means that there is no one to talk to again whenever things are shaky. To him, fame brings so many fake people into one’s life.
He noted, “Before I got this famous, whenever I was disturbed, I would call my late mother and she would say a prayer for me. It made me feel okay, because my mother was praying for me.
“Fame gives you almost everything, but then it takes almost everything away too, because you cannot do many things you wish you could do. You cannot be yourself; you are conscious of almost everything. But at the end of the day, this is the life we asked for.”
For celebrities who like to flaunt their private lives in public, the ‘Kukere’ singer has a word for them.
He said, “On social media, I have learnt not to show everything. All you need to do is show people only what they need to see. It is not a place you should depend on for strength or something; it is just a place you go in and out.
“If something is so priceless to you, you just have to guard it. When you love your girlfriend, why do you want to put her on social media? At least, till you put a ring in her finger, it is better you keep things to yourself. I want my marriage to last once I am married, but social media is a big threat.”