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I suffered heartbreak when my dog died– Vivien Ike

Nollywood damsel, Vivien Ike, is one of the actresses that are currently making waves in the
Nigerian film industry. The diva, in an interview with The Point, shared her reason for dumping a visa lottery jackpot, which qualified her as a United States citizen, for a career in acting.
The Nollywood queen, who is currently running a Master’s degree programme at the University of Maryland, University College, USA, explained that most Nigerian actresses were “afflicted with the drive to succeed, which often has negative impacts on them.
“The drive to succeed is contagious in Nollywood. So most of the ladies are moved and directed by the drive which they could give anything for; but as far as I am concerned, it is a notion that is not worth it,” she added.
Recounting her foray into the movie industry, Vivien said her first appearance on set was
a great surprise to her younger sister, Chika Ike, a star actress.
“I actually surprised my sister with my first movie. When she noticed my interest, she advised and rehearsed with me. I remember during rehearsals for the movie ‘Different Women’, Chika Ike came over and gave me a few lessons on how to be a natural actress. She went over my lines and that helped my delivery. She is awesome,” she said. She added that her relationship with God had been fantastic and also acknowledged the contributions of her family members to her career.
“It’s a great family, it’s remarkable, and with fellow human beings, it’s still work in progress because man is not an Island of knowledge,” she said.
Vivien, speaking on her decision to forgo her visa lottery slot for movie, explained that the decision was borne out of her intuition.
“I am an intuitive person, who believes that nothing is sheer coincidence. I believe the main reason I won a US visa lottery was for me to garner the experience that I needed to do what I am doing now. So at the appointed time, my spirit was restless; I knew I had to return and that’s exactly what I did.” 
She also expressed her unquantifiable love for Nigerian apparels, especially Ankara fabric, which she loves patronising.
“I love and patronise Nigeria-made apparels a lot. I believe in Nigeria, especially in its Ankara fabric, because Nigerian made materials are now up in good competition with most of the materials you buy abroad. So why the stress if you can get it at home? Moreover, I believe a lot in my country and whatever is produced here”.
“Heartbreaks, as I said in my earlier interviews, come in different forms. I was heartbroken when I lost my dog, called Mr. Biggs. I also experienced heartbreak when I lost my dad two years ago. For me, there is a reason for everything and as far as you are working in alignment with God’s perfect will for your life, every shakeup will turn a blessing. Whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”
Vivien also spoke on a report that she is championing a programme for the blind people in the society.
“I love philanthropic endeavours; that’s one reason I am supportive of my mum’s outreach for widows who need assistance. But, the programme you mentioned now is called ‘Blind Tasters Cooking Competition’, which is a show that will appeal to a broad spectrum of the public. It’s not just blind people because it is a healthy competition that celebrates family values, promotes the concept of love and friendship. It employs ‘blind tasting’ as a means of evaluating, promoting, strengthening and rekindling bonds among people.
“This healthy competition involves seven chefs and seven blind tasters. These blind tasters could be family relations or friends of the chefs. The chefs are assigned to cook while the blind tasters are to identify their chef’s dish. If they fail, they send their cook to the danger zone where each of them has to identify whatever is presented to them.
“They do this with their eyes closed and noses clamped. Any chef that fails the test goes into the elimination room to face a celebrity judge and two other judges. There, they are judged based on the presentation and taste of their food. The chef with the worst food is eliminated and the one that has the best food wins. The overall winner of the competition leaves with a cash prize of N2m and a brand new car.
On what inspired the programme, she said, “Well, the loss of my dad. I was bereaved and decided to spend the day alone in my room, just to cry my eyes out, but then while grieving the loss of my dad, I fell into a trance and dreamt of a cooking show. I immediately named it ‘taste of victory’ but along the line, it became Blind Tasters.” 
She added that “Blind tasters already speaks for itself as its format has been reviewed by top production companies like Buck Productions, which is a leading content creation company, and honoured multiple times on Real Screen’s Global 100 list, as one of the most influential, inspirational, and world-leading production companies in the world.

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