I won’t tolerate non-performance, Keyamo tells new aviation agencies CEOs


Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Festus Keyamo, has informed the newly appointed Chief Executive Officers and directors of all agencies under his ministry that he will not tolerate any negligence or poor performance in their roles.

He made this known at the inauguration of the newly appointed Chief Executive Officers and Directors of the aviation agencies on Thursday in Abuja.

He highlighted his determination to promote accountability and effective governance within the aviation sector during the inauguration and induction of the new appointees.

Keyamo said, “I will not tolerate non-performance. If you think your aim is to make money in public office, resign before you leave here. There are thousands of Nigerians waiting to serve and you must consider it a privilege that you were picked to serve.

“If you get involved in corruption in your offices, I will be the first person to hand you over to appropriate agencies for embezzling government funds. I will not allow anyone to mess me up.”

The minister made it clear that he would be vigilant in ensuring that the appointees demonstrate commitment to public service over personal gain.

He emphasized that the sector stands as a pivotal focus of the current renewed hope administration.

The minister also signed a performance bond with the CEOs.