I’ll never lie to Nigerians about President Buhari – Adesina

  • Says not even doctors can speak on Buhari’s health

Presidential spokesman, Mr. Femi Adesina, said on Thursday that he never had any cause to lie to Nigerians about the running of the nation’s affairs by his principal, President Muhammadu Buhari. Adesina also said that only President Buhari was competent to speak on his health status. The presidential spokesperson stated these in an exclusive interview with The Point.

He declared that in the course of performing his official duty as the mouth piece of the President, especially against the backdrop of the controversy generated by Buhari’s health status in recent times and his hurried trip to the United Kingdom, he never lied to Nigerians and would never do such a thing.

When asked to give a glimpse into the real health situation of the President for the benefit of Nigerians, he said, “Only the President can declare his own health status.

Nobody else can, not even his doctors are ethically allowed to do so.” The former Managing Director of The Sun newspapers told The Point, in response to a question about how he had been able to cope with the knocks that had come his way in the course of his job, especially since the present brouhaha over the President’s health status, said that he had got used to criticisms.

“Knocks are part of the job. No drummer can satisfy all dancers. I am happy, because I have told the truth available to me at any given time. I have never lied to Nigerians, and will never do,” he said.

On the challenges in the Presidency due the absence of President Buhari since January 19 from the seat of power, Adesina said, “Power was transmitted to the Vice President, who is now the Acting President. Things are running seamlessly.” Asked how he had been coping in the last 22 months, working as presidential spokesman, he replied, “So far so good. It is a national assignment, and God is helping me to acquit myself creditably well.”

On the challenges of his office, Adesina said that it had not been a bed of roses functioning in that capacity, adding, “The assignment itself is challenging, because you speak for someone, and not for yourself. Therefore, you must ensure that you properly communicate the mind of your principal at all times.”

Last month, the presidential spokesman had an altercation with musician, Dede Mabiaku, during a live radio broadcast, where Mabiaku staged a walk out. Asked what actually transpired, Adesina declined to comment on the matter.

“The full clip of what transpired in the studio was released by the radio station, and whoever watches it will get a proper perspective of what happened,” he told The Point. He added that though he had not been in direct contact with the President, he “speaks daily with aides who are with the President in London.

We are friends and colleagues. So, I am constantly updated.” Adesina said that he had no regrets taking up the assignment as the presidential spokesman, especially as a South-Westerner, working with Hausa/Fulani members of the President’s kitchen cabinet.

“No regrets. I voluntarily decided to take on the assignment. I left every other thing I was doing. I work well with anybody, no matter the part of the world he or she comes from,” he added.