Inferior ropes can cause ship mishap, firm warns


A campaign for the use of mooring ropes that can withstand any weather condition has begun by a marine and investment services firm.

According to the company, the importance of ropes to maritime and shipping agencies cannot be overemphasized in an ideal business environment.

A firm which deals in the procurement of trading and general supply of mooring ropes, Apoi Investment Nigeria Limited, has therefore warned operators and stakeholders of the danger of circulating inferior ropes that could cause accidents.

Its Head of Operations, Adegboyega Roberts, said at a briefing in Lagos at the weekend that such accidents would leave people injured and the boat damaged.

Apoi, a services provider to oil and gas, marine, metal fabrication and energy companies as well as government agencies and departments, pledged “to continually be the reference point for quality and efficiency in the rope business.”

Roberts said, “Our company has quality stock of products at all times to meet the desired needs of clients/customers from time to time.

“In our 40 years of operation, we have been able to do this with a robust facility located in Lagos and Port Harcourt, including a warehouse for stocking various mooring ropes and related products.”

Describing rope as an indispensable item on a ship, Roberts said, “It contributes to the safety of the ship, whether you are anchoring, rigging, mooring or towing.”