It’s good to showcase our Africanness in our wears


Ebele Ezeamakam, popularly called ‘Ebele, the Flutist,’ is one of the few female instrumentalists and indeed the first female flutist in Nigeria. She started playing the flute at age 13 as a hobby.
An accountant by training, Ebele had since turned playing of the flute into a passion and had attended training at a music academy.
Recently, she also ventured into the fitness business by opening a health and fitness centre, Ebeles World, where she holds sway as the chief exeutive officer.
“I am a fashionista, I like making statements with my fashion style. You know the flute is a western instrument but I have been able to use it to play African songs. When I am doing that, however, I like to showcase my African identity through what I wear,” she said of what informs her decision to wear more of African prints for her work.
Ebele added: “I do wear foreign designers a lot but when I travel out, I wear more of local prints.
“I have a lot of cloths and shoes. Most of my shoes are heels, which are comfortable for me, I don’t like flats and I hardly wear them.”
Ebele pays particular attention to her health, especially fitness and nutrition. Her beauty routine involves exercising everyday and drinking water first in the morning With a first and second degree in Accounting, and Business Administration from Benson Idahosa University, Ebele has been nominated for several awards, among which are the Nigerian Gospel Awards and Crystal Awards. She had been recognised by Classic African Merits Awards as the first female fluitist in Nigeria.