It’s time AfrIcan fashion takes the lead- Yemi Alade


For leading Nigerian female music entertainer, Yemi Alade, going African should be the priority of every Nigerian lady that knows about fashion. She believes that it was time African fashion took the lead in the world unlike when Africans were colonised in terms of fashion.
“To me, any African woman who truly knows what is real in terms of fashion will go African, because that is where your true beauty will be seen. I don’t think there is any other fabric out there that offers variety in pattern, texture and colour as it is available in African print. It brings to life all my designs.
“Whenever I see our ladies going western in terms of dressing, I imagine they are still living in the past. This explains why you will always see me in the mix of African styles,” the music diva said.
Yemi Alade, who is also making waves in the fashion world, said that it was her affinity for Africa and African things that landed her into the fashion business.
“I went into fashion because of my love for African fashion. I discovered that whenever I go to other African countries to perform, they usually try to replicate my style, so I decided to make something for them and myself as well.
“The collection is about my personality, my style, and because my style is different, we have decided to make it available to my fans,” she added.
Today, the Yemi Alade fashion brand also comes as jewellery so that everybody can wear it. Though an African woman, Alade is not a fan of the Iro and Buba. Instead, she has mixed both African and modern culture together, and called it Afropolitan.
On her daily routine, Alade said that she was very good at multi-tasking. “In the morning, I still go to the kitchen and do things myself. I basically do a lot of my chores by myself,” she added.