It’s worrisome that today’s musicians can’t perform live – Brymo


Olawale Ashimi, better known as Brymo, has left the crisis he had with his former record company, Chocolate City, behind him. He has released four albums since walking out of the label in 2013. Klitoris, his fifth album, was released this year on May 9.
The ‘Ara’ crooner also believes that the birth of his son was the beginning of another chapter in his life. The singer and his pretty girlfriend welcomed their baby, Waju, on March 27, 2015.
According to the singer, it was just about himself alone before he became a father. “Now, I have to take care of myself and two other people, my child and wife. Remember that I still have my parents to take care of and there are still lots of people around me. The change is quite amazing and I am enjoying every bit of it.”
Careerwise, Brymo has been enjoying a new lease of life over the past three years. And one unique experience that has come with that is having to perform live regularly on stage, an aspect of performance that does not come easily to most Nigerian musicians. “Every musician pride themselves as great, but I believe that playing live music sets me uniquely apart.”
And while this sounds too good to be true, considering the texture of Brymo’s voice, the singer added that he does not do vocal exercises, saying that musicians who do that are committing fraud.
He said, “If you want to sing, keep singing and it would get better. When I was 16 years old, I couldn’t sing a full verse without going off key or losing my breath. But I kept trying and I got it right after a while. Now, I can sing a whole album on stage and give you a good performance. I believe that practice makes perfect, though there are times I don’t like the sound of my voice.”
Brymo is brimming with joy at the acceptance his new album, Klitoris is getting with music lovers. “I now have the attention of the industry elite and everybody who loves Nigerian music.”
Interestingly, if Brymo had not succeeded at music, he would have been a soccer star. Even now, he feels bad occasionally that, in spite of his talent, he failed to take the game serious.