I’ve not left my beloved husband, Hauwa, wife of FCMB MD, speaks

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Hajia Hauwa, wife of the Managing Director of First City Monument Bank, Adam Nuru, has denied reports that she has moved out of her husband’s house.

She said she never contemplated leaving her matrimonial home or filing for a divorce, as no grounds existed for such.

The FCMB MD had been in the middle of a paternity scandal involving an ex-employee of the bank, Moyo Thomas.

The media space had been filled with comments over the inappropriate relationship and paternity allegations against Nuru, who was rumoured to be the biological father of Moyo’s two children.

The development led to the voluntary leave embarked on by Nuru, and the appointment of an acting MD to perform his roles at FCMB, pending the conclusion of investigations into the matter.

But Moyo had since said the FCMB MD did not father her two kids, in a statement titled, “Tunde is the Father of My Kids”.

However, following the scandal, there were some reports (not in THE POINT), claiming that Mrs Hauwa Adam Nuru, had packed out of her matrimonial home and was preparing to file a divorce in reaction to the paternity scandal.

But the MD’s wife, in a statement released on Friday, said, “Following several calls from well-meaning family members and friends over a malicious publication and deliberate falsehood that I have packed out of my matrimonial home, I want to clarify for the avoidance of doubt that I am still very much with my husband.

“This fake news was published by an online newspaper in a calculated attempt to further demonise my beloved husband and a loving father.

“Let me reiterate that at no time did I contemplate leaving my matrimonial home or filing for divorce as no grounds exist for such. I really have no idea where this is coming from.

“While I owe a debt of gratitude to all those who have genuinely expressed concern about the fabricated story of moving out of my matrimonial home, let me appeal to the media to abide by the ethics of their profession and avoid the pitfall of rumour mongering and sensational reporting.

“There is no truth to the tale whatsoever. I will not be responding to any further comments made by persons who obviously have an agenda whatever it may be.”